What is Marketing definition/concept/elaboration

Companies seek to meet the needs of individuals and society and for that they need a certain strategy: marketing.

Marketing intends to meet the needs in a profitable way from an economic point of view. In other words, specialists in this discipline seek to understand the needs of consumers and based on this they create a certain product. In this sense, marketing is a set of processes that aim to convey an idea to potential consumers. For this reason, the concept of marketing is used as a synonym for marketing.

From a social point of view , marketing fulfills a specific function mainly in relation to improving the quality of life of consumers. From a business perspective, marketing is the art of selling a product. From the perspective of individuals, it seeks to understand the needs of the individual customer.

Marketing variants

Firstly, this discipline is oriented towards offering certain products or services that are more or less needed. If we think, for example, in a fast food restaurant, the customer consumes a product and at the same time a service.

Marketing is focused on promoting events: trade fairs, birthdays, artistic shows, sporting events, among others.

A company can create and market experiences, for example, some food establishments have a live music offering.

The world of celebrities also has a connection to marketing strategies. Every movie or sports star usually has a representative who deals with their image as a key element for the economic profitability of their activity.

A city can use a marketing technician in order to promote tourism and economic activity in general.

General principles

Marketing specialists know that this discipline is the engine of a business . However, traditional means of promotion (radio, television and press) are being replaced by others (eg social media). Another aspect to be considered is the role of the internet in promoting a business, as a significant number of consumers visit a web page before visiting the corresponding site.

The emotional aspect plays an important role, since most of the time we buy products that arouse our emotions. Finally, given the large number of competitors in the same sector, it is important to establish different elements to attract the attention of consumers.

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