What is Physical Activity/meaning/concept

Physical activity is understood as any activity or exercise that results in the expenditure of energy and that sets in motion a series of bodily, psychic and emotional movements in the person who performs it. Physical activity can be performed in a planned and organized manner or spontaneously or involuntarily, although in both cases they are similar.

Normally, physical activity is an ability of all living beings to move: animals and humans. However, in the case of people, physical activity can be thought of and properly organized in order to obtain specific results, for example, weight loss due to the fact that they are obviously overweight, or because of the clear intention of providing health to the body due to the benefits of your practice. Physical Activity

Brings concrete physical and psychic benefits

Physical activity practiced by human beings has become very popular in recent decades as a direct form of physical, psychological and emotional well-being, since it is considered a dexterity exercise that allows the elimination of toxins and awakening chemical components that have to do with personal satisfaction.

This popularity is clearly exposed in the large number of spaces dedicated to its practice, such as in gyms and even in public places such as squares and parks. In this way, two highly healthy activities are completed: the outdoors and gymnastics.

Physical activity can be exercised or performed in different ways. When it is involuntary or unplanned, physical activity is considered a basic exercise such as walking, doing household chores and other activities that involve body movement. Planned physical activity is also very varied, and countless types of exercises can be found that are designed for different types of audiences and needs, as well as to obtain different types of results.

Physical activity brings many benefits, as we have already highlighted, such as improved health in bodily terms (improves circulation, allows you to lose fat , activates metabolism , gives strength to muscles), but also in emotional and psychological terms, as it allows for de-stressing of the organism, renew energies and use up all the strength that is left over and that sometimes when it doesn’t leave the organism correctly can be translated into anxiety conditions that affect our quality of life.

It makes us more sociable

Another benefit that we should emphasize is the sociability that physical activity usually brings us. In gyms or physical activity groups , people meet and interact; this opens up the possibility of making new friendships, which are often an engine or impulse to continue performing physical practices that encourage and accompany us.

The importance of its achievement from childhood

As we have seen, the benefits of physical activity are many and we do not find any disadvantages, which is why it is very important that its practice is introduced to children from an early age. At home, parents should encourage their children to practice some sport and thus keep them away from sedentary activities and bad habits; obviously, the school as a social and teaching agent must include physical activity par excellence as an outstanding subject and arouse the interest of children for its realization.

Although physical activity is included in basic education as part of the curriculum, it is important to give it a preferential place and a magazine of interesting activities so that all students get excited about its practice. In addition to the exercises, he suggests complementing the material with the practice of popular sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, judo, among others.

Gyms, clubs and exercise centers are very popular today, as they offer an important diversity of activities so that members and clients can find the physical practices that best meet their goals and needs.

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