What is Neuro Linguistic Programming definition/concept

Neurolinguistics programming, also known by the acronyms NLP, is a therapeutic model of psychology. The concept neuro refers to the sensory perceptions of the mind, which determine our emotional state. The term linguistic, on the other hand, refers to human communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Neuro Linguistic Programming

According to the principles of NLP our brain has a similar structure to a computer (input and output of information and a brain function that channels information ). On the other hand, we do not act according to reality , but through the mental representation that we create in our minds.

In other words, we store data in the form of experiences and from them we make decisions and communicate.

Research on NLP establishes programs that allow us to explain each person’s type of communication based on their sensory representation. Neuro Linguistic Programming

The applications of NLP in psychology

This insight into our mind map serves as a therapeutic model for solving psychological problems. NLP techniques allow individuals to change their misbehavior, improve self-esteem, overcome a phobia, have more harmonious relationships, and ultimately feel better.

in the business world

Companies create organizational aspects: personal selection interviews, meeting effectiveness, and worker training.

to seduce others

The words we use, the tone of voice, the body posture and the gestures we make allow us to communicate emotions and ideas to others. In fact, only a small percentage of what we transmit is based on words, as nonverbal language has a strong emotional impact on our fellow human beings. Neuro Linguistic Programming

We consciously or unconsciously project messages on ourselves that can serve as a seduction or the other way around. NLP techniques can help improve people’s ability to seduce.

The fashion of NLP

In recent years, NLP proposals are designed in any area. They are used for weight loss, as a coaching training strategy, in the design of electoral campaigns or as a tool to enhance the motivation of athletes.

NLP is not without criticism and some regard it as a pseudoscience without any rigorous foundation. Neuro Linguistic Programming

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