What is Physiotherapy definition/concept

Physiotherapy is a segment of the health area that aims to improve it through manipulation techniques that seek to balance the body. This discipline avoids the use of drugs, focuses on healing and emphasizes the use of hands as a means to treat diseases that affect patients. In this sense, the professional who is dedicated to this science must deeply know the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

In addition to the hands that serve as the main tool, other complementary means are also used, such as infrared, electrostimulation, bandages, thermal treatments, acupuncture , osteopathy techniques, among others. These procedures are applied to a wide variety of health problems: cervical or lumbar, related to inadequate body posture, motor functional rehabilitation, muscle regeneration, among other possibilities.

Physiotherapy is related to traditional medicine, specifically with the rehabilitation process after an accident.

It is part of the health treatments linked to the world of work, so that the guidance of the physiotherapist is increasingly important to alleviate certain problems in the work activity, since it is more advantageous for a company to take preventive measures than to assume the cost from a casualty at work.

Essential in the world of sport

One of the most present areas of physiotherapy is sport , as most athletes (amateurs or professionals) need a qualified professional to treat the problems associated with their sports activity: injuries, postural correction, muscle strain, etc.

Like the rest of the health-related disciplines, physiotherapy has increasingly specialized areas. There is an aspect adapted to the elderly (geriatric physiotherapy), traumatology, pediatric physiotherapy, respiratory, among others. They all have something in common: the knowledge of our physical structure as a way to improve our health.

Although its academic recognition is relatively recent, this branch of medicine dates back to antiquity, where it began to be applied to cure some ailments.

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