What is Flower of Life Origin Symbolism benefits and How to use

Flower of Life

The flower of life is a circle that has at least seven overlapping circular shapes within itself. They form a pattern of designs that resemble flower petals. Due to this geometry, the symbol may contain slightly triangular shapes, which give an impression of three-dimensionality.

There is no single color for the flower of life. It can be represented on a white background, with multicolored lines, or on a black background, with lines in vibrant or more sober tones. The important thing is to respect the circular formations that compose it.

Origin of the flower of life

One of the first appearances of the flower of life was observed in Ancient Egypt, approximately 10 thousand years ago, in the Temple of Osiris, one of the Egyptian gods; but other variations of the symbol show that the origin of the flower of life is not so exact.

In China, India and in the synagogues of Israel, it was also possible to find the flower of life. In some Catholic churches, the shape was observed in stained glass windows and in paintings, as it presents a harmonic and geometrically pleasing appearance.

Later, Leonardo da Vinci devoted himself to studying the flower of life, as he studied mathematics, geometry and the patterns that nature formed. He even discovered that the pattern of the flower of life was present in various phenomena of nature.

Nowadays, it continues to be relevant, not only in the religious environment. This design is used all over the world, as it has a well-elaborated and surprising symbolism, which you will discover in the next topics.

Symbolism of the Flower of Life

It is impossible to talk about the symbology without talking about sacred geometry, so, first of all, it is essential that you understand this concept. Sacred geometry is what concentrates everything that gave rise to life and what exists around us. Everything that is part of nature follows a set of patterns, which are part of sacred geometry.

In this way, its symbolism is intertwined with every stage of the life development of all that exists. It concentrates the seed of life, which is the starting point of the flower; the egg of life, which forms the first seven circles of consciousness expansion ; the fruit of life, which forms 13 circles of protection; and the tree of life, which summarizes all the vibrations of existence.

In a simplified way, it represents the origin and expansion of the Universe. From it, it is possible not only to connect with life in the present time, but also to free yourself from past consciences that involve traumas, pains and suffering. Therefore, it is a way to vibrate better energies, putting yourself in contact with existence.

The benefits

The complex and harmonious structure  of the Flower of Life means that it emits unique vibrations . Its vibrations harmonize, revitalize, rebalance and protect. It can be used in decoration to purify, harmonize, regenerate and protect. It can also be used in jewelry for:

  • Purify the body and spirit;
  • Keep bad energies away ;
  • Regain vitality;
  • Calm the mind;
  • Stimulate concentration;
  • Improve sleep …

How to use the flower of life

To take advantage of the positive energies that the it emanates, as well as to free yourself from the memories that disturb you, there is a main way to use this symbol. When meditating looking at the flower of life, you will feel your body connecting with the representation of the origin of the Universe, making it easier to reflect on your purpose and your anxieties.

However, you can also use the it in other ways. One of them is to add it as a decorative object in your home, such as a key chain or jewelry. It is also possible to leave this symbol in a reserved place on your work environment, when you feel that you are disconnecting from yourself.

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