What is Flower of Life definition/concept

The various geometric shapes have two possible uses or dimensions. On the one hand, they allow you to design works of art or build all kinds of structures , such as buildings, everyday objects, etc. Flower of Life

On the other hand, geometry has a sacred or divine dimension, as symbols with geometric shapes are very present in different religions and in all kinds of spiritual currents. The flower of life is a clear example of the sacred dimension of geometry.

Geometric characteristics of the Flower of Life

This geometric structure has the following features:

1) contains a minimum of seven circles, all but one of which have the same diameter;

2) the circles overlap so that the center of each coincides with the circumference of the remaining circles;

3) the various circles are integrated into a larger one. In short , it is a pattern of perfect symmetry.

The Flower of Life is present in all kinds of religious, cultural and esoteric manifestations

It is said that the Creator was inspired by this structure to design the whole universe . This means, in turn, that this structure is considered the ” seed of life” (this last concept is present in the Old Testament and for this reason is part of the Jewish and Christian tradition).

Representations of this geometric structure have been found in archaeological ruins in Ancient Egypt, as well as in temples of Hinduism and Buddhism, Phoenician art, Slavic cultures, and the Middle East. On the other hand, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” portrays the human body within a structure similar to this geometric shape.

By being present in different traditions, all kinds of analysis and interpretations have arisen related to the deep meaning of this geometric structure. In general terms, it is stated that the Flower of Life has a clear esoteric meaning. Through it we can understand the mysteries of life and the energies that flow in the human body.

One of the geometric shapes integrated in the Flower of Life is the Metatron Cube . According to various interpretations, this cube expresses the way in which God designed the human body and soul. This symbol is considered a tool to achieve the transformation of the spirit.

An ornament in esoteric merchandising

The esoteric world has different branches, therapies and alternative proposals. In this context, those who believe in the mysterious dimensions of life resort to symbols to feel protected. One of the most popular symbols is precisely the Flower of Life.

It is present in tattoos, decorative ornaments and shirts. It is often said that if we place this object on a wall and observe it in detail, we will be able to communicate at a distance with a loved one or project its energy force to solve a personal problem.

In this scenario, we find people who use this form simply for its aesthetic appeal.

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