What is Transmit definition/concept/elaboration

The communication is a human goods par excellence. One person transmits a message to another when communicating certain information . It is possible to transmit information in person, that is, face to face. But it can also be done via cell phone (in call via WhatsApp), through social networks and even through an intermediary when giving a message to another person.

The need to communicate is an example of how human beings need to be in contact with others. communication is the basis of constant interaction.

It is possible to transmit information even at a distance

The traditional methods par excellence are still in force, for example, the letter and the telegram. These are forms of interaction that allow for a dialogue even from miles away. But it is also possible to have a videoconference to maintain a direct with the other person and talk face to face thanks to the excellence of the new technologies. Transmit

From a cultural point of view, the oral tradition  of popular songs is an example of how a custom can be transmitted from generation to generation. In fact, even from the home there are customs that are unique.

fun and leisure

In relation to information and entertainment, television broadcasts programs, movies and series that have become a recreational way to every home. The viewer can choose their favorite channel to spend a quiet moment in the company of the small screen. In this case, it is the program professionals who seek to effectively convey information to bring the message to their viewers. Through the radio, information is also transmitted directly.

In addition, singers also want to convey emotion through the lyrics of their songs thanks to sensitive melodies. Anyway, to transmit means to communicate . And as new technologies are constantly evolving, it is currently possible to transmit information through YouTube, for example. Many anonymous people have managed to achieve success thanks to a themed channel that updates their personal videos. Transmit

On the other hand, writers and book authors convey a message through their works. Just as journalists do through the media .

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