What is Mother Tongue definition/concept

The human being is a communicative being, that is, a being who uses the word to express himself with others. Even when the child does not yet pronounce a word, he is inserted in a learning context. We live in a society in which the knowledge of several languages ​​opens doors in professional terms, in fact, knowledge of English at a professional level is highly valued. Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue is a child’s first identification of their surroundings

Even if a person has the ability to learn a language at any time in their life, there is always a first language (the mother tongue) that is fundamental for the development of every human being: the mother tongue is the first language a child learns and listening from your closest environment .

The mother tongue is the native language in which the baby learns to say his first words. As a person’s first language learned, it is their reference in terms of communication . The best known and most understood language is not only spoken, but also written.

Teaching a second language in childhood, when knowledge is already absorbed.

In the infant and toddler stage, human beings are very receptive to learning a language. Therefore, bilingualism is used to educate children through knowledge of more than one language, from an early age to receive academic training in a foreign language.

Knowing more than one language is important not only professionally, but also on a personal level, as speaking a second language independently of the mother tongue provides autonomy and independence.

The influence of parents from different origins, increasingly common in the global world

In some cases, children have the opportunity to learn two mother tongues. This is how it happens when a father speaks one language and the mother another language. In this way, both decide to talk to the child in both languages ​​so that he can interact with him from an early age.

The mother tongue is also connected with the first memories that a person retains from his childhood, since the word describes the world as well as personal memories. Language teaching is one of the most important in terms of training and applied in colleges. Knowing more than one language makes traveling abroad easier, without communication problems and with a sense of autonomy.

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