What is Dysmorphophobic definition/concept

A man or woman is dysmorphophobic when they are addicted to cosmetic surgery. In other words, your decision to improve your physical appearance is due to a mental disorder. From a medical point of view, it is understood that a person is addicted to this type of surgery when he exceeds more than six interventions. It should be noted that the concept of dependence is based on the irrepressible urge to repeat an act. Therefore, when an individual consumes alcohol, drugs or food compulsively, it is an addictive behavior .

In medical terms, addiction to cosmetic surgery is called body dysmorphic disorder and is characterized by an exaggerated concern for real or imagined defects in physical appearance. This psychological discomfort produces changes in social and professional life , generating anxiety , agitation and depression. The dysmorphophobic person often enters this addictive process after an emotional problem. This disorder is considered to affect 1% of the population. Dysmorphophobic

The obsession with beauty

The human being needs to feel good on the outside for several reasons: to reinforce self-esteem, to become more sexually attractive or to look younger . When the search for beauty becomes a permanent obsession, this impulse becomes a pathology.

The plastic surgery addict is never satisfied with the results of the interventions and periodically needs a new touch up in some part of the body.

When a person retouches the face several times a year, these changes end up deforming it. Consequently, excessive operations alter the canon of natural beauty and create a model of artificial and exaggerated beauty.

This mental disorder is relatively recent and experts have not conclusively described it. For some, the addiction to plastic surgery is an attack on the body and therefore an unconscious process of self-destruction is possible.

Beauty is based on harmony

Although it is not easy to define precisely what beauty is, it is clear that harmony is the characteristic that describes any element considered beautiful. The same applies to the beauty of human beings. Therefore, the disproportion with plastic surgery precisely produces a lack of harmony in the face or body.

If a 60-year-old woman operates her body eight times to look 30, the end result will not be precisely harmonious.

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