What is Labor Exploitation definition/concept

Every work activity (labor) establishes an agreement between the entrepreneur and the worker. In this agreement, the entrepreneur proposes certain salary conditions, a schedule and functions to be performed, however, the worker receives a salary . If this link is established within the framework of legality and respect, it is a worthy activity, but if the conditions are abusive and out of the law, we are facing labor exploitation.

The labor exploitation concept has several characteristics, usually manifested together. On the one hand, the working day exceeds the specified 8 hours a day and rest periods are not respected. The salary is much lower than that established by the bodies in force. On the other hand, the work is carried out in precarious conditions (without the necessary safety and without sufficient technical conditions).

Causes of labor exploitation

There are several causes that trigger this phenomenon. Some unscrupulous entrepreneurs seek easy enrichment at the expense of workers. Economic crises are a propitious device for exploitation. The absence of unions in some countries is one of the circumstances that favor abuse in the world of work.

The numerous faces of the phenomenon

Contrary to what might appear at first sight, labor exploitation is not a minority and marginal reality . In fact, large multinational institutions create their products from an organizational structure in which workers, including minors, receive precarious wages and work under terrible conditions. In this sense, some analysts claim that certain jobs by large corporations are carried out under conditions of semi-slavery.

Labor exploitation may, in turn, be related to mafias that engage in human trafficking, prostitution and inequality between men and women.

How to fight exploitation?

While there is no definitive solution to this problem, there are ways to combat it. The means of communication may be aware of this reality and report abuses to the public . Consumers have the option of not purchasing products related to labor abuse. Governments have tools to pursue this scourge, especially labor inspections.

Workers can organize to fight this form of oppression (strike is the traditional tool that has been used throughout history). Although there are ways to combat labor exploitation, exploiters also have their strategies to continue the abuses.

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