What is Hyperrealism definition/concept

Art in its various manifestations expresses ideas and feelings . Artists are part of some kind of creative current or trend. Hyperrealism is the artistic trend that reproduces something as if it were a faithful reflection of reality . This form of expression is characteristic of painting and sculpture and, to a lesser extent, of literature .

A “photographic” style

In the 1960s, abstract and conceptual trends in painting began to lose prominence with the emergence of the hyper-realist style of painters such as Chuck Close, Antonio Lopez, Don-Eddy and Richard Estes. Hyperrealism

In sculpture, hyper-realist creators such as Ron Mueck stand out. Most artists in this current work through photographs and faithfully reproduce objects and images of everyday life, such as streets, cafes, cars or photographs of the human body in their works.

Therefore, this is not an interpretation of the observed reality, but an absolutely faithful reproduction. This artistic trend seeks perfection in the definition of an image

Some critics consider this creative approach to be useless in some way, as photographs already express reality as such, hence a hyper-realistic painting is an unnecessary proposition.

From the point of view of art history, the hyper-realist style refers to the origins of painting and sculpture, as in both disciplines there was an attempt to leave a witness in the world of how it manifests itself in our eyes. Hyperrealism

The creators who are part of this movement do not intend to reproduce images as if they were simple photos, but rather to express in the soul what they observe. It can be said that the objective of this current is to go beyond the simple reproduction of reality. The art world is about three related concepts: realism, hyperrealism and photorealism.

When the artist goes deeper into what lies beneath reality, his vision is surreal.

the hyperreality

Hyperrealism is an artistic trend and hyperreality is a way of communicating or expressing something from a perspective that surpasses reality itself. Hyperrealism

Some examples of hyper-reality would be personal relationships via the Internet , games that do not distinguish between fiction and reality, as well as movies for adults.

In all these cases there is a distortion or exaggeration of the real. In other words, it is every manifestation that produces a simulation of what already exists.

If we take into account the world of pornography, the images presented do not correspond to real sex, but rather an artificial recreation of true sexuality. Hyperrealism

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