What is Domestication definition/concept

A plant or an animal is domesticated when there is some change in its morphology or behavior with the purpose of adapting to the human being’s interests. Domestication is, therefore, a process by which a living being can accommodate itself to the circumstances of human life.

So the tomato, the horse, the dog and the cat have something in common: they all had some kind of artificial modification to benefit humans in some sense. If a plant species has not had any kind of human intervention , it can be said that it is a wild plant. If an animal cannot live with man because it is too dangerous, it is an animal in the wild.

The domestication of animals began in the Neolithic period

During the Neolithic period man abandoned nomadism and began a sedentary phase. Installed in a stable place, a regular supply of food became necessary. In this way, certain animals such as goats, sheep and cows were being domesticated to obtain all kinds of products, such as milk, wool and meat. Domestication

The dog was the first domestic animal in human history

The most varied breeds of dogs had a common ancestor to the wolf. It is estimated that 15,000 years ago dogs began to coexist with humans and, probably, this happened spontaneously. Since then, the dog and the man form a beautiful and powerful partnership.

The dog is able to help man in several ways: guarding the herd, as a hunter, protecting the house or as a guide for the blind. At the same time, man provides food and security for the dog. Between man and dog there are close emotional bonds and for this reason the dog ends up becoming an extra member of the family . We cannot forget that in some human settlements of prehistory, burials shared between dogs and humans were found, a fact that demonstrates the strong connection between them. Domestication

The difference between taming and taming

Both terms are often used interchangeably. However, these are words that are not equivalent. Thus, to tame an animal means to tame it and make it docile to humans. On the other hand, domesticating involves getting the animal used to living with man.

The concept of taming refers to individuals of a species, while domestication alludes to a species as a whole. Animals like lion, tiger or crocodile can be tamed, but that doesn’t mean that these animals can share domestic life with people. Domestication

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