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To be at the forefront, it is necessary for companies to implement strategies and procedures in the administration of their Human Resources. In this article we will provide you information about human resource strategy. 

In this article you will find out what a Human Resources (HR) strategy is, what its objective is and how to implement one that is successful in the company.

The management of Human Resources is an area of ​​special importance in organizations, since it contributes to the development of the company’s objectives.

Human capital today represents one of the main strengths within the company.

Hence, developing policies and procedures for the management of human resources means a benefit for everyone, employees and the company.

To define any strategies, you must first establish some objectives. What are we looking for with these strategies of the human resources department?

The most important thing is to preserve and maintain proactive, motivated work teams with a feeling of belonging to the brand. That said, it seems easy, but the truth is that they have more details than expected.

Human Resources Strategies


Some successful organizations credit strategic planning for success with their customers and employees, as they play a major role in defining and executing many of these plans.


Top business executives and other organizational leaders affect the success or failure of organizational goals.

The human resources department plays an important role in the selection of managers, in relation to the team that makes the decisions through previous successes and by leading effective inspections.

High performance

In a high-performing organization, employees are recognized for high levels of performance and creative ideas.


Human talent is a resource and one of the most important assets of a company. HR strategies include the identification of job competencies, such as the knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out each function.


These strategies will pursue the following main objectives:

  • Promote the proactivity  of each person in the company, for this it is necessary to show confidence in the team.
  • Align project objectives with those of the company itself. At the end of the day, it is about establishing the same strategic management of human resources.
  • Stimulate critical thinking of employees.
  • Offer active participation to the team in many of our decisions in search of a horizontal hierarchy .
  • Identify opportunities for each position and define limitations.
  • Maintain a suitable work environment.
  • Define an appropriate communication strategy with continuous feedback in both directions.
  • Ensure commitment and support also from Management .
  • Transparency . Sharing the results with the team to see what we are achieving together bonds many ties and builds trust.
  • Predict risks and possible setbacks , thanks to suitable online applications for companies.
  • Use and provide the team with online project management tools that are easy and collaborative.


Some of these human capital strategies and examples can help us achieve the above points. Here are some examples that may inspire you:

  • Facilitate and streamline the process of adapting new members to the team. During this stage it is key to have the support of managers.
  • Establish easy-to-use tools, always designed to meet the true needs of the team . And for this, beforehand it is important to define specific days of meetings, both group and individual. Also here, the support of managers will determine the success of adaptation of these apps. If team leaders encourage its use, it will help collaborators to switch tools.
  • During this integration stage, it is key to internalize the company’s strategy and values.
  • Give each member of the team the position and responsibilities that truly suit their motivations . To do this, we return to the point of communication and continuous monitoring of each person.
  • Really apply the role of facilitator of the human resources manager, through the use of these collaborative tools such as Sinnaps. For example, a good reason would be to integrate everything in the same app to make it even easier for the employee. From this board, teams can keep track of their daily tasks while sharing documents and communicating with other colleagues. So easy and motivating. They can react to every change in the project, while constantly staying up-to-date on possible project modifications.

12 Successful HR Stretegies

learn about 12 HR strategies that can make the company grow and learn how to put them into practice.


This analysis aims to identify all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the enterprise. Regarding HR, the goal is to find what works and what should be worked on to reach better conclusions.

Think about the turnover rate . If it is high, one of the weaknesses is the loss of talent to the competition and the high costs of replacements. One of the flaws, therefore, may be in the recruitment and selection process. By creating an action plan on this point, you can improve performance and ensure greater talent retention .

This tool, therefore, serves to help identify where the problems and opportunities are and how each should be addressed strategically.


It’s no use hiring the right people and leaving them out of achieving results. It is very important that new employees are integrated from the beginning.

First, this is essential to increase productivity. The more they understand about the responsibilities they have and how they should act, the easier it is to achieve goals.

It is also an essential step to ensure good teamwork and an appropriate organizational climate . This increases motivation and engagement — which leads to a boost in business growth.


Another option, among HR strategies, includes communication, in all senses. It is very important that leaders and managers are able to provide valuable feedback and guidance. This improves the team’s ability to perform and even ensures a higher level of motivation.  

However, it is also relevant that communication takes place in the other direction. Employees must be able to express their ideas and their feedback. This consistent exchange implies much better results, so that the entire company has its growth favored.


Within the organizational environment, the use of performance indicators is essential. These tools help to measure the results achieved and provide guidance on the best way to act.

In this sense, HR strategies should not ignore this potential. Therefore, it is very important to carry out a frequent and well-structured performance evaluation . 

By checking the performance of each employee, it is possible to recognize the best and guide everyone on how to achieve new goals . This means the possibility of having more productivity and efficiency — elements that help business growth.


Correct talent management is crucial for good performance. After all, human capital is the great differential of the enterprise, so it must be treated accordingly.

In this sense, it is very important to think about training and capacity building. In addition to preparing those who enter the business, it is essential to seek continuous improvement of skills. This helps generate more satisfaction, reduce turnover and achieve better impacts.

And for the company’s overall growth, it’s a positive thing because it works like an investment. With lower costs and higher productivity, development is sustained.


Since retaining talent is so important for growth, it makes sense that HR would have to be concerned with aspects of compensation and its specific policies. It is necessary, for example, to create suitable and attractive work accidents with sick leave, and unpaid leave for personal matters. In the latter case, the firm may cut the employee’s salary proposals. People have to feel that they can grow and that they get something fair—often better than the competition.

It is also interesting to think about the offer of benefits . Some are not mandatory, but they make the organization stand out from the rest. This favors employee loyalty to the business proposal, which allows for the consolidation of solid foundations that are conducive to expansion.


Among the HR strategies, the one that also stands out is the creation and strengthening of leaderships . These professionals occupy a prominent position and still have an important role: motivating people and leading the team to success.

It is up to HR to be prepared to identify these talents and recognize the possibility of developing them. In many cases, the leaders are already in the company and they need to be prepared to occupy the management position.

The sector is responsible for monitoring, identifying talent and creating new opportunities. With proper training and management, the business grows, structured around productive leaders linked to the enterprise.


Technology is already part of the reality of any company that wants to grow and remain in the market. One of the HR strategies, therefore, is to be able to incorporate these solutions into the sector and the enterprise.

When the area adopts such possibilities, it generates much more insights and acts optimally. Automation allows you to get productivity and focus on what really matters. In other words, the team responsible for human resources management can, in fact, pay attention to issues related to employees.

In addition, implementation experience can help the business apply similar systems in other areas, which expands the benefits.


A true leader is aware of the value of establishing a positive relationship with the company and the team. The same is true of an HR team. It is not possible to propel your company to success if you don’t know anything about it, its positions and its employees, for example.

Employees who feel that their leaders treat them with trust, respect and support tend to perform better and work with initiative. If they realize that they are just another number in the company, they will not have a real relationship with managers that encourages them to work better.

The fact is, a workforce that actually feels positive about their employers and HR managers perform better on assigned tasks. In addition, break down the walls that separate teams, betting on integration actions, such as gamification strategies  .

Thus, there will be more respect, empathy between employees and understanding of the entire workflow in the company, and a great decrease in errors in the processes.


Being transparent and implementing a work culture to follow is a great HR strategy. When employees know that rules and standards are the same for everyone, it increases motivation and innovation in processes.

When you can communicate with them openly and clearly, it builds trust and maximizes the company’s overall productivity . Remember that human resource management is currently considered one of the main processes that impact business growth.

It’s the ultimate tool to enable employees to be the best version of themselves, so always make it very clear what your organizational culture and goals are.


It is very important, in performance evaluations in human resources strategies, to verify that your HR team is thoroughly aware of all the demands and requirements of each position in the company.

In this way, assessments can be more personalized and directed towards the individual development of each professional for each specific position. As it is not widespread, it does not harm the sustainable development of your company.


In addition to all the strategies mentioned above, it is very important to have the specialized help of an HR consultancy , in order to have the best support for different actions and definition of strategies for the company’s HR. The help of an HR consultant makes all the difference to optimize the organization’s performance.

The consultant already starts his work to benefit the company’s growth, right in the phase of analyzing the collaborators, in addition to integrating them with the organization’s objectives and increasing their engagement.

The fact is that even though the company has excellent professionals in its HR team, the consultant is able to have a broader view of various scenarios, their bottlenecks and their possible solutions.

SOCIIS RH is a company specialized in HR consulting, with professionals prepared and qualified in strategic solutions for the HR sector of companies of all sizes and market sectors. In addition, it offers the most efficient and modern in terms of HR strategies.

Finally, it is essential that in HR, the strategy is applied with a growth-oriented vision. In addition to generating efficient monitoring, this also improves results, ensures differentiation and favors the integration of sectors. Thus, the organization will have the necessary subsidies to grow.

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