Career page examples Importance and Benefits and How to make

Career page

Here in this article we will provide you the information about Career page examples Importance and Benefits and How to make.

An ideal career page is one that delivers what candidates are looking for: the best job opportunity. When a professional accesses the “Work with us” section of a company, they are looking for, in addition to a job, an incredible place to develop their career .

In this content, you will learn about the importance of maintaining an attractive and complete career page, in addition to the benefits that this tool offers. With our tips, we’ll show you how to create this space and what should be avoided to succeed in the endeavor.

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What is a Career Page

It is a space available to advertise job opportunities and works as an online wall where candidates look for new hiring or promotion opportunities.

Furthermore, this tool, also known as “Work with us”, is widely used by companies in their recruitment and selection processes . Since this is where the Human Resources department publishes open vacancies, institutional and other information that is of professional interest.

well-structured career page represents an attraction for professionals in the market. Thus, the more organized and updated, the better the hiring.

Therefore, managers should bet on the career page as an important access for outside talent. But also for employees who want to prosper internally and for those who want to get to know the company.

Importance and Benefits of a Career Page

In companies, the career page works as a showcase of good opportunities, as it represents a space capable of reflecting the organization’s image. In this way, the “Work with us” section of a company can boost recruitment. Not only is the career page important in other points, as we’ll see below.

Awaken the interest of professionals

Remuneration and advantages have always been motivating and engaging factors . But today, professionals want more than job benefits and fair wages. Developing a career in an organization that has a well-defined purpose , where they can contribute their skills is something tempting.

In this sense, the career page represents the realization of the professional’s ambitions. It is from this that the communication with the company’s target audience can find opportunities that truly fit their expectations.

Therefore, to make the career page more interesting, companies can bet on attractive strategies, for example, with images, institutional videos and exclusive content created by current employees.

Motivate current employees

Speaking of current employees, the career page is also the ideal space to motivate professionals who already work at the company . Understand that engaged teams become employer brand ambassadors and that counts for a lot!

Therefore, use the space to publicize and value your teams, post photos of the employee of the month or show how the company usually rewards the results obtained. Another action that generates engagement is producing short videos where professionals report their trajectory and their achievements in the company.

Develop the employer brand

The union between Marketing and the Human Resources sector results in what we call the employer brand . Working together strengthens the company’s image and attracts the best talent in the market.

In this sense, successful companies such as Coca-Cola, Natura and Google invest heavily in the employer brand concept and all maintain career pages on their websites. In these spaces, they usually show innovative actions they develop, creative projects, behind the scenes of campaigns and institutional events .

Promote the company indirectly

Have you ever heard of that ranking known as “Best companies to work for”? Did you know that it is an excellent way for companies to market? The explanation is, once again, in the window, that is, if the organization is a recommendable place to work, it certainly has policies that value professionals and take care of the well-being of these people.

When a company promotes ethical and fair employment relationships, it stands out in the market and attracts high performers. This indirect marketing can also be obtained with disclosure on the career pages.

Provide metrics and indexes

In addition to being an excellent tool in the recruitment and selection processes, the career page can be an interesting tool in obtaining indexes and metrics . So, if the number of hits is very low or if the average time spent on the page is insignificant, for example, you might need to review your strategies.

These factors could mean that your company’s brand is not being well publicized or there is not enough interest from potential candidates. As a result, professionals do not carry out their desire to visit the organization’s website.

How to make a career page

Creating and maintaining a career page for the company requires dedication and a certain amount of creativity. Thus, if the intention is to arouse the interest of users and attract new talent , it needs to be authentic, attractive and, ideally, it should reflect the company’s DNA.

But making a career page can be a simple task, following the tips we have separated for you, it is possible to involve the target audience and create a competitive edge.

Get to know the company’s culture well

A company’s image and reputation must be aligned with the organizational culture . And transmitting this on the career page is essential to establish a “conversation” with the professionals who come to it. Understand that very generic content or with little information demonstrate a lack of identity and scare away qualified professional profiles.

use good testimonials

If the company is seen by employees as a great place to work or has the profile to be part of the Great Place to Work list , why omit this information? Share this positive point on your company’s career page!

To do so, collect testimonials from employees who feel professionally fulfilled and show them to potential candidates. This strategy also works as a tool for retaining talent, as the employees involved will certainly feel valued.

Show the company’s daily life

Companies are made of people , right? So, if the purpose of the career page is to attract new talent, there’s nothing better than showing them how the company works. So, register and publicize happy hours, commemorative events or voluntary participation in social campaigns. This generates engagement and awakens the desire to be part of it .

Produce audiovisual material

An institutional video with a good, creative and dynamic script can be quite attractive to compose the company’s career page. It’s an effective way to show who works for it, what it’s like to work there and how interesting it would be to be a part of it .

Craft a relevant message

In addition to the institutional video, invest in graphic materials to spread the most appropriate message about the company. When a job seeker accesses a career page, he hopes to find something there that piques his interest.

In this way, an objective, creative and welcoming message can be a great differential. So show the public the soul of the company, but don’t forget to include your brand’s real differentiators and a well-crafted job description.

What You Can’t Miss on a Career Page

A career page should show visitors the job opportunities available at the company. But indicating the principles that drive the business is also relevant. So, talk about mission, vision, values, leadership , among others. Also check out other questions that cannot be missed.

Company culture information

Show what the organizational values are , what the work environment is like, include testimonials from employees about the experience of working in this place. To do so, use the career page to develop harmony between the company’s culture and the professional’s skills. Also, bet on the cultural fit and find the right candidate for the vacancy.

Simplified application

Anyone looking for an opportunity or a replacement in the job market is usually dealing with different companies. Therefore, time is scarce and being dynamic is a differential.

A candidacy that is long or overly elaborate is demotivating. Therefore, always try to simplify the application . Use the career page to shorten the path and make life easier for the candidate.

Keep in mind that people currently use mobile devices to look for vacancies as well. So, develop an application process adaptable to different screens. Another relevant point: include an option to remain available to the candidate, if the desired vacancy is no longer recruiting, ie, create a database of resumes, for example.

Benefits to employees

We know that benefits and advantages are decisive factors when accepting a job. So why omit this information on a career page? These data are essential for anyone looking for an opportunity and attracting new talent.

In addition to basic benefits such as health care, dental care and a retirement plan, include more specific ones that make a difference. Does your company develop social responsibility projects? Share this information.

Also, do employees have flexible hours, agreements, discounts, learning programs? Include these benefits on the career page.

A blog of your collaborators

Few companies are betting on this differential to improve their employer branding . Which is a mistake, as a specific blog about people – who are the greatest asset in a company – can be a super attraction.

Therefore, use it to delve deeper into subjects of interest or curiosities for candidates. To do so, show how the routine is , report important achievements , overcome difficulties or publish content signed by the professionals who work at the company.

Analysis Tools

Some tools provide relevant information that can be tracked to further qualify the career page. Google Analytics is an example. Through it, it is possible to follow the traffic of the blog’s hits , the most popular topics and where its readers or candidates come from.

With these metrics, management will be able to better assess whether the strategies are working or what point needs to be revised. So, talk to the marketing team and align expectations for better results.

What to Avoid on a Career Page

Now that you know what a career page must have to be successful, get to know details that are totally unnecessary to not have the opposite effect:

  • Generic or non-standardized testimonials: this negatively interferes with the reading and browsing experience;
  • Lack of visual alignment: avoid descriptions that are too short, low quality images and long or very brief descriptions, that is, have standardization;
  • Ignore the benefits of a help desk: Having a dedicated team to answer common questions is recommended. When receiving attention, the user experience can be positive even before he has the first personal contact with the company;
  • Avoid excessive bolding, italics and underlining: again, the visual criteria reigns. Also, be careful with white spaces and long texts. So look for balance.

Examples of well-crafted career pages

1. FPT Software

FPT Software is based on FPT Corporation, the world’s leading IT services and technology group headquartered in Vietnam. FPT Software has more than 32,000 employees all over the world and tickets are almost 1,200 million dollars. Therefore, it is safe to decide that FPT Software is the pride of Vietnamese.

At first glance, we can easily see the contracting brand “FPT Software Careers” in a dark blue theme. This brand has acquired a reputation as talents of technology and IT talents with those who sueña the majority of the people. The site has good content, such as categories of work, rewards and benefits, culture and testimonies.

2. Unilever

Unilever is a global company that manufactures and supplies the needs we need every day for nutrition, hygiene and personal care. Unilever’s headquarters are located in London, England. As well as FPT Software, Unilever does not have a slogan on its hiring page. Without embargo, it is successful to share their stories and testimonies with the communities. As the importance of social networks becomes apparent, place sharing buttons in prominent points to quickly expand your brand in the market.

3. Amazon

It is easy to see that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world, which focuses on e-commerce, computing in the cloud, traditional art gallery continues to be a cultural reference, but in recent years it has appeared in a virtual version. The virtual or digital transmission and artificial intelligence. In particular, it has an online store that carries out shipments all over the world.The Amazon track site has a convenient filter for jobs. They also divide jobs into categories so that candidates can search for them quickly.

4. Nestle

Nestle is the biggest food and beverage company in the world that supplies products all over the world, headquartered in Switzerland. This company is a sueño for those who work in engineering, marketing, supply chain and acquisitions, technique and production.

Its main motto is “Find the part of Nestlé that serves you better!” Immediately on the page, a large list is shown, divided into many areas. In general, the entire page is simple and easy to use.

5. Coca – Cola

Coca – Cola is a beverage company that manufactures, sells for less and sells non-alcoholic concentrates and jarabs. They provide drinks to many different countries in the world. So this is a global company in which the majority of people want to work.

The content of the site of the company’s professional careers is written in a narrative style and generates reliable information. The stories on the page convey the philosophy of the brand and the culture of human resources. Furthermore, if you wish to obtain more information about job opportunities, please browse the other page.

6. Google

Perhaps Google is a multinational technology company that has established its reputation, so I don’t have to present it much. On the other hand, working at Google’s headquarters or including branches is a pride in the career of all employees. From my point of view, I also dream with the day when I work for Google.

In the top part of the company’s careers site, Goole clavó its slogan: “Build, Cree, Design, Code for all”. It means that you always work towards the experience of the user and have your products become convenient. Furthermore, there is much information on the site about the work space, labor opportunities and human resources.

7. Facebook

Probably, Facebook is too common to present it. In exchange, Facebook showed the motto “Discover who we are, why we do it and why we do it”. to transmit lo conocidos que son. The pages of your career inspire 100% the spirit, culture and philosophy of the company. As Facebook says, “The work we do impacts the world and the future.”

8. GameStop

Just listening to the name, we can imagine that GameStop offers video games and consumer electronics. It is a famous video game company based in Texas.

Regarding GameStop, the content structure at the race site is different. Contiene About nosotros, other brands, career areas and job search. In addition, they also provide a registration form for candidates who want to join their team.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site for jobs and businesses. This platform is mainly used by employment services to search for candidates or look for a job. Furthermore, the LinkedIn page is also a marketing tool for any company to expand their brand in recruiting.

On the company’s career website, they immediately present themselves with the slogan “Find your opportunity here” and the button “Search for vacancies”. If you click on the button, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn page. In the sections below, LinkedIn displays the testimonials and share buttons. You could say they are good at spreading out on social media.

10. Alibaba

Alibaba is a global technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail and technology. It was founded in 1999 by a famous businessman, Jack Ma, in China. Of course, because of a multinational company, Alibaba has many branches in many countries around the world.

You can find the job you want in many cities by keyword in the search bar. The content below is about brand stories and human resources culture.

11. Netflix

Netflix is ​​extremely popular with young people as many of them watch their favorite movies or TV shows on this platform every day. Therefore, Netflix could be an entertainment icon for the young generation around the world.

On the recruiting page, Netflix presented its slogan: “A great workplace combines exceptional colleagues and tough problems.” and the philosophy “Freedom and Responsibility”. However, I’ve found that Netflix isn’t good at organizing when it doesn’t divide jobs into categories.

12. Spotify

Like Netflix, Spotify is quite common for young people. It is the world’s largest platform for audio and media services.

The entire brand slogan is found in the slogan “JOIN THE BAND” at the top of the website. In addition, there is a “Browse All Jobs” button below it to display the list of job opportunities on Spotify. In addition, you can also quickly search for jobs with the search bar.

13. Apple

Without a doubt, Apple is the world’s largest multinational technology company that manufactures and supplies consumer electronics worldwide.

The information on the site looks like a conversation between employers and candidates, creating a friendly environment. With the slogan and quotes on the website, we can see that Apple is a creative workplace, and all you have to do is “Join us. Be you.”

14. Agoda

If you are a frequent traveler, Agoda is one of the most needed mobile apps for preparing your vacation. It is an online travel agency that provides information about hotels, vacation rentals, flights and airport transfers.

“Start Your Journey with Agoda” Agoda may find his career a challenging career. Agoda also introduced itself through introduction, culture and testimonials. They divided the jobs into types logically. Also, the smart search bar is always available for your convenience.

15. International Bank of Vietnam
Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank – Vietnam International Bank – VIB was founded in 1996, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Now, VIB has gained reputation for its good service and fintech development.

15. Vietnam International Bank

On the recruiting page, it’s all about job opportunities, not your message or story. They showed the works presented above. Below that is the Other Jobs section.

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