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Difference between mission and vision and Similarities

Mission and vision

In this article we will provide you the difference between mission and vision and Similarities.

what does mission mean

The mission is the higher purpose of an organization, which is established as a guide for its actions and decisions. In this sense, the mission describes what an organization does and why it does it; including any social benefits or environmental improvements it may have. The mission is different from the strategic objectives, since these describe concrete goals in terms of tangible results. In short, the mission allows us to identify the underlying motive behind the activities carried out and serves to guide all members of the organization in achieving a common goal.

what does vision mean

Vision is an abstract and complex concept that refers to the human being’s ability to have ideas, make judgments and create concepts This ability allows the individual to perceive the physical, intellectual and emotional environment clearly and immediately. The power of vision offers a person the necessary knowledge on how to interpret what is happening around him; it also gives you the ability to anticipate future events. Vision helps people see beyond current events, giving them opportunities to identify new relationships between themselves and their external circumstances. Finally, the vision provides a framework within which all other concepts acquire meaning and coherence in terms of the global meaning of a situation.

Similarities Between Mission and Vision

The words mission and vision are related to each other in that they are part of the strategic plan of a company or organization. The mission is the general description of the purposes, objectives and long-term goals for the near future while the vision , on the other hand, is a motivating statement about how the organization wants to be in the distant future. Both serve as a guide to stay focused on achieving the established goals. Establishing both helps guide the team within the company from point A to point B with a successful outcome. Therefore, it can be said that without both there is no direction or concrete actions to be taken.

Differences between mission and vision

Mission refers to the purpose of a company or organization, that is, the reason why it exists. Therefore, it contains a set of actions and objectives that must be met to satisfy the interests of the business. These statements are short and to the point in general terms. Vision , on the other hand, describes where an entity wants to go in the future and its desire to obtain results that are superior to other similar ones. It is about a broader and idealistic concept of how you would believe your success as a company or institution. The vision is much more abstract than the mission since there are no fixed rules to achieve it; you can only set realistic and achievable goals to achieve it.

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