What is Ambrosia/meaning/concept/elaboration

The gods of Greek mythology were immortal. This feature has an explanation: the ingestion of a substance called ambrosia. The mythological accounts do not specify precisely what this substance is, but thanks to it the deities had the gift of eternal life. Ambrosia

From the point of view of etymology , the Greek word ambrosia more precisely means the word immortality .

The consumption of this substance not only provided immortality, but gave the gods eternal youth and the cure of any disease .

At the birth of the god Zeus, this magical substance is said to have derived from the horns of the nymph Amalthea, who nursed Zeus in a cave after his birth. Before the appearance of ambrosia, the gods achieved immortality by inhaling the vapors they gave off from the bodies of their enemies when they died. Ambrosia

gods and humans

In mythological accounts, it is noteworthy that the gods have virtues and weaknesses like those of any human being. They fall in love, they are jealous, they are sometimes vindictive, some are friends and others have bad intentions.

At first glance, gods are like humans. However, they have at their fingertips a magical substance that, thanks to it, the passage of time has not affected them. In fact, the big difference between humans and deities lies in the power of the ambrosia.

An interpretation of the myth

Most myths have a timeless dimension. These are ideas that remain deeply rooted in the human spirit. In this sense, ambrosia symbolizes man’s ongoing struggle to overcome death, disease and aging. Ambrosia

In some Greek myths, it is remembered that at times a man had the opportunity to taste the miraculous substance. When that happened, he became a demigod or else he gained exaggerated physical strength.

In Norse and Celtic mythology, as well as in Hinduism and Taoism, there are references to magic potions that provide supernatural powers. During the Middle Ages, new stories centered on the elixir of eternal youth emerged . In the 21st century, human beings continued this struggle to defeat the inexorable passage of time. In fact, in recent years, new supposedly scientific proposals have emerged that support the viability of eternal life. Ambrosia

The magical substances of other times are being replaced by genetic procedures and molecular advances, but the yearning for immortality has been exactly the same for thousands of years.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the cosmetic industry and the surgery sector aesthetics are based on the desire to slow down aging.

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