What is Geoplane definition/concept

Geometry is the mathematical discipline that studies figures in space or on a plane. If we take into account that each plane has two dimensions, it is useful to have a tool that represents this plane and allows us to explain the geometric figures. This tool is the geoplane.

In the field of mathematics didactics

The geoplan is a teaching tool with great potential to understand certain aspects of mathematics.

As its name implies, this artifact is aimed at teaching geometry on a plane. In relation to their characteristics, they are as follows:

1) in a smooth format , which can be of shape or of another material, two coordinate or Cartesian axes are drawn;

2) from this division, grids are traced throughout the geoplane structure . It should be noted, on the other hand, that the geoplane can be isometric, orthometric, square or circle-shaped. Geoplane

What can you learn from a geoplane?

Your possibilities are manifold. Thus, it is possible to learn the area of ​​geometric figures, visualize the multiplication tables, the concept of the horizontal or vertical straight line, the perimeter of a figure, the volume, symmetry, the characteristics of irregular figures or the understanding of fractions, among other possibilities.

The attraction of the geoplane is based on the fact that the student can visualize the abstract concepts of geometry in a practical way.

Students can learn from a geoplane using different strategies: coloring, making collages on the grid squares or joining rubber bands with thumbtacks to make figures. In short , it is a playful way of working with mathematical concepts that are traditionally difficult to understand through theoretical language . Geoplane

The world of math can also be a lot of fun for kids.

Having fun while learning math is perfectly possible. The game of abacus, dominoes, puzzles, mosaics, and some songs are strategies that allow you to soften the mathematical language. Didactics specialists claim that the game is the best methodology for children to reach knowledge.

It should be noted that there are so-called manipulative mathematics, a way to combine abstract concepts with the need for children to handle objects. Through this pedagogical approach, children discover that everything around them is related to mathematical language.

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