What is Basic Emotions definition/concept

Emotions and feelings are part of human nature. The thought produces an emotion, that is, a positive thought provokes a pleasant emotion like joy . Negative thinking breeds fear, insecurity and uncertainty, while primary emotions are the basis for the rest.

There are four basic emotions

1. Joy is the main emotion, it is caused by a reason that produces pleasure. As a primary emotion, joy is connected with other secondary emotions that are part of the same context, but with a different intensity such as illusion, pleasure, ecstasy, hope, personal satisfaction, joy, joviality, etc. Joy and its various forms of manifestation are an existential treasure, a legacy of happiness from which all people aspire, moments of plenitude towards destiny.

2. The essence of joy can best be understood through its opposite: sadness. Another primary emotion that is also the basis for the secondary emotions that connect with the essence of sadness are the following: pity, pity, compassion, desire, melancholy, inner dueling, crying, bitterness, regret, soul pain, grief, despair, hopelessness, among others.

3. Another primary emotion is fear. It is an instinctive feeling that shows the desire to protect the human being against possible dangers. However, fear can occur on various scales and with different causes. For this reason, secondary emotions arise. For example, anxiety, worry, mood disturbance, anxiety, fear, panic, dread, etc.

4. Anger is another primary emotion, irritation is a natural feeling that arises when a person considers himself a victim of a situation seen as unfair. There are secondary emotions that are connected at this point, for example, anger, resentment, fury, annoyance, indignation, discomfort, hatred, among others.

Emotional intelligence

In turn, primary emotions can also be positive, as the case of joy shows; or else negative, as the essence of sadness and its variations shows. The four are the root of all the others, meaning the secondary emotions contain the essence of one of the four main emotions.

The intelligence emotional shows the richness of the inner world of human beings and their way of feeling. Emotions show the human being’s constant human interaction with the environment around him. However, emotions have many variants, so self-knowledge is not only part of experiencing primary emotions, but also secondary emotions.

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