What is Self taught/meaning/concept

A person who acquires certain knowledge without the help of others and following a regulated education can be considered self-taught .

The self-taught person is, in turn, a disciple and a teacher, being the person to obtain the necessary information for their learning, whether through researching technical books, browsing the internet , observing other people, attending lectures or using any other method that is convenient for them. .

Disadvantages of being a self-taught

Being a self-taught person is not simple and not everyone is capable of it. Although this form of learning has several advantages ( flexibility , being able to work with the resources you want, dedication, etc.), the truth is that it has two major disadvantages that are not easy to overcome.

Firstly, the fact of not following a formal and regulated education, thus the acquired knowledge is not registered in the form of a diploma or an official certificate, of which they are essential for some professions.

On the other hand, not all subjects are accessible to be studied in a self-taught way. Technical areas, such as neurology, need someone to guide the student’s steps correctly, since the figure of a teacher is essential.

famous autodidacts

In the art world, especially, it is normal for certain personalities to reach the highest point of their profession, even without a true academic background. The self-taught spirit, combined the wit and love for the profession led many artists to achieve high levels of excellence that seemed impossible for a person without study .

This is the case of Roberto Bolaño, a Chilean writer considered one of the best authors of the Hispanic language in the 20th century, who didn’t even finish high school. This was a great example, Roberto was an obstinate reader who read one book after another since his childhood.

Same case is the film director Quentin Tarantino, who never attended a university , but who took advantage of his work in a video store to learn everything he needed about his future work. As he says: “I didn’t study cinema, I watched movies”.

Perhaps the most curious case is that of Jimi Hendrix. He is considered the best guitarist of all time, but he has never been to a conservatory. The basis of all his learning was to observe in detail the older blues musicians. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that Jimi was only 14 years old when he bought his first guitar, at the same time that music lessons at the school he studied were suspended.

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