What are interjections

What are interjections

The interjections are words that are not a part of the sentence. They are equivalent to sentences that express a feeling, an energetic call or describe in a very schematic way an action.

The interjections may appear alone, ie, without forming part of a larger statement, and followed by a punctuation mark or exclamation. It is important to remember that in English exclamation marks (as well as question marks) are only written at the end of the sentence and not at the beginning.

Common interjections

Express joy

  • Bingo! : Bingo is the game of “lottery” or “pool” and the winner has to say “bingo”. That is why it is an expression of joy. – Bingo! I won the game! /  Good! Win the game!
  • Yeah – Yes !: Yeah! you go girl! /  Yes! This is how you make friends!

 Draw attention

  • Ahem – Ahem: Imitates the sound of someone clearing their throat. – Ahem .. will you listen? /  Ahem .. can you pay attention?
  • Psst – Pst : It is the same as in Spanish. – Psst, over here. /  Pst, here
  • Hey! – Hey: Hey! What’s up? /  Hey, what’s up?

Express anger

  • Grr! – Grr !: Imitates a growl. She is so annoying. Grr! /  She is so unnerving. Grr!
  • Argh! – Ashh !: Express frustration and anger. – I can’t solve this math problem. Argh! /  I can’t solve this math problem. Ashh!

Express doubt, reflection, disbelief, irony or disagreement

  • Ahem – This ..: Imitates the sound of a person who clears his throat and indicates that the following phrase will be said ironically. – The, ahem, “doctor”, only made things worse. /  He, this, “doctor” only made things worse
  • Hmm – Mmm : Imitates the sound of a person thinking. Express doubt and disagreement. – Hmm, I’m so sure about that. /  Mmm, I’m not sure about that
  • Aw Humm – Aha .. : You bent an iron bar with your hands, aw humm .. / You  folded a metal bar with your hands, aha ..
  • Yeah .. – Aha ..:  Yeah … sure you  can .. /  Aha .. sure you can ..
  • Mhmm – Yes, of course : So your house is made of diamonds, mhmm /  So your house is made of diamonds, yes, of course

Express pain

  • Ouch! – Auch: Ouch! It hurts /  Auch !, It hurts
  • Ow ! – Oh! : Ow! Be careful! /  Oh! Be careful!

Express surprise

  • Bamm !: Imitates a loud sound, like a door that whips or a heavy object that falls to the ground. Denotes surprise. – So, Bamm! that’s when I realized I’d won! /  So bam !, then I realized that I won
  • Boom: Imitates the sound of an explosion and serves to express that something shocking happened. – Boom! the entire company collapsed! /  Boom !, The entire company collapsed!
  • Oh!
  • Wow, Wow!
  • He has! – Aha !: It mimics the sound of laughter and is used to express that someone has been caught doing something wrong. It also expresses the surprise it feels to discover or realize something. – Ha! Now I know your secret! /  Aha! Now I know your secret!

Express that a mistake has been made

  • Oops, Oops! o Whoops! – Oops: Oops !, I lost your keys /  Oops, I lost your keys
  • Duh! – Buu:  Duh! You are dumb /  Buu, you are dumb

Express indifference

  • Bah – bah: – Bah, that’s not a surprise /  Bah, that’s not a surprise
  • Blah blah blah .. – Bla bla bla : Imitates the sound of the voice when it becomes repetitive and monotonous. – The teacher went on blah blah blah for an hour /  The teacher continued with her blah blah blah for an hour


  • Boooo – Buu : Booo, that team is the worst /  Buu, that team is the worst


  • Boo!  Bu !: Boo !, Did I scare you? /  Bu !, did I scare you?

Shut up someone

  • Shh – Shh: Shh, I’m trying to listen Shh, I’m trying to listen

Express disgust

  • Ugh, Ugh! – Save her: Ugh! That’s nasty /  Guágala, that’s disgusting
  • Eww – Fuchi : Eww, gross /  Fuchi, disgusting

Express relief

  • Whew or phew – Uff: Phew, we’re saved /  Uff, we are saved

Express tenderness

  • Aww – Ohh:  Aww, so cute /  Ohh, how beautiful

Express Pleasure

  • Mmmm – Ñamm: Mmmm, so good /  Ñamm, how delicious
  • Yummy – Ñamm: Yummy, this cake  was delicious /  Ñamm, this cake was delicious

Express cold

  • Brr, Brr! – Burr : Brr! It’s so cold out here! /  Burr! How cold it is out here!

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