Optative sentences in English Grammar with examples

Optative Sentence In English Grammar

The sentence which expresses a prayer, keen wish, curse, etc. is called an optative sentence. This kind of sentence generally starts with ‘may’, ‘Let’, and ‘wish’. Sometimes, ‘may’ remains hidden. Here we will explain the Optative Sentences in English Grammar

Examples of Optative sentences

  1. May everything go well at the end of the year party!
  2. May everything go very smoothly on your business trip!
  3. May they do very well in this new stage of life.
  4. May you finish the year very well.
  5. May everything go well in tomorrow’s meeting!
  6. May the king of Westeros live long!
  7. Long live the king of Westeros.
  8. May you two live long enough to see your grandchildren!
  9. May God bless us all.
  10. May you become successful enough to buy love!
  11. May the almighty help in this tragedy!
  12. Wish you a very successful married life.
  13. Wish you a happy journey together.
  14. May your team win the match!
  15. May God bless you and keep you.
  16. May God have mercy on your soul.
  17. May the best man win.
  18. May you live an interesting life.
  19. Let there be peace on Earth.
  20. God save us.
  21. God be with you.
  22. Would that it were true.
  23. I wish I were a princess!
  24. May God bless you!
  25. Long live the Queen!
  26. May the king of Wakanda live long!
  27. Long live the king of Wakanda.
  28. May you have a life long enough to see your grandchildren!
  29. May God bless everyone.
  30. May you become powerful enough to buy what you love!
  31. May the Almighty help us all in this tragedy!
  32. Wish you a very happy married life.
  33. Wish you a happy and safe journey together.
  34. May your team win the match!
  35. Let there be endless light that would fall upon each and every human being of this world.
  36. Let the world be filled with amazing love and compassion.
  37. Let there be peace among all the countries of the world.

Optative Sentences in English Grammar

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