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Characteristics of a good teacher/definition/10 Characteristics

Good teacher

A teacher is responsible for teaching concepts, procedures, or attitudes to both youth and adults. Although students can learn spontaneously on their own initiative, a good teacher facilitates this learning and can even motivate those who lack their own motivation at first. Characteristics of a good teacher

The task of teaching in an ideal way requires having characteristics that, on the one hand, refer to the knowledge about the subject to be taught, but on the other hand, they also refer to aspects that exceed the contents, such as the attitude towards the student, their ability to adapt to various situations with flexibility and to achieve good communication.

Characteristics of a good teacher :

1-Positive attitude

One of the main functions of a teacher is to motivate their students. To do this, you must show enthusiasm for your own task and for the content.

A teacher who knows how to transmit his passion for teaching will train students who are enthusiastic about learning. The motivation that you transmit to the students will stimulate their curiosity and enhance their learning ability.

2-Patience and empathy

Despite the enthusiasm that the teacher may have regarding the content, he must take into account what aspects can also arouse the interest of the students.

Empathy is the ability that allows teachers to put themselves in the place of the student and present the content in the most accessible and interesting way for them. In addition, each student will have specific facilities or difficulties with some content.

An observant teacher can decide in which cases he should have more patience and be more flexible in both teaching methods and objectives. Characteristics of a good teacher

3-Authority What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

Currently, the authority of a teacher does not have to do directly with the function he occupies, but depends on the respect he inspires in his students.

Authority based on respect is a difficult trait to build as it requires a complicated balance between rigor and flexibility, decisiveness and spontaneity, self-esteem, and humility.

4-Extensive and permanent training

A good teacher has a broad and deep knowledge of the content he teaches. This knowledge comes, on the one hand, from training prior to starting their work as a teacher (in teaching staff or university career).

But in addition, a good teacher must keep up to date both in the contents associated with their subject and in teaching methods.

Lifelong learning denotes a certain intellectual curiosity that will allow you to transmit not only your knowledge but also an interest in learning. A teacher with the ability to learn stays closer to the experience of his students.

5-Transparency and equity in the evaluation What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

A teacher must assess student learning, which in turn will allow him to indirectly assess his own teaching ability.

To prevent the evaluation from being arbitrary, the teacher must convey to the students what the evaluation criteria will be, that is, what is expected of them at the time of the evaluation.

Being equitable means not offering preferential treatment for personal affinities to certain students, nor relegating others. Characteristics of a good teacher

In addition, the assessment will be doubly useful if students receive an explanation of the mistakes they made, as well as their strengths.


All activity planning begins with a goal: that the student learns certain content.

Based on this goal, a good teacher will be able to organize activities, various types of information, and opportunities for exchange with students in an organized way.

7-Interaction with the community What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

A good teacher not only has contact with the students but also with their parents, relatives, other teachers, and directors.

The relationship with all the teaching and management staff of the educational institution will allow you to plan joint activities and solve problems.

The relationship with the family and social context of the students will allow them to understand the difficulties they encounter.


A teacher leading a class is responsible for student learning. A good teacher takes charge of this responsibility, understanding that his function must respond to the needs and capacities of the students. What are the characteristics of a good teacher?

A teacher must not only do their homework, but they must also ensure that they are as effective as possible.

9-Contextualize content

Knowledge is more easily acquired when it can be associated with other prior knowledge.

For this reason, a good teacher points out the relationships between the new topics and those previously seen in that subject or in others.

10-Stimulate initiative

The goal of teaching is also to train students in various forms of reasoning. Therefore, a good teacher avoids imposing his point of view, and on the contrary, encourages participation and values ​​the contributions of students.

In this way, it helps students to be able to develop their own thoughts, follow their own reasoning and be creative in different areas. Characteristics of a good teacher

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