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Connectors examples with Connector classification


The connectors for essays are words used to link the information present in this type of text. When good use is made of this tool, it favors coherence and gives a better understanding of the work. In addition, it helps to maintain a good structure and order. Test connectors and usage examples

An essay is written freely to express a point of view of certain information. But these must be clear and direct, and for this it is very useful to use connectors. Thus it is possible to join sentences, paragraphs, relate hypotheses and maintain an order in the information that is being developed.

Connector classification for testing

There are a wide variety of connectors used for writing work. Some of those that are recommended to use for the elaboration of an essay are the following: Test connectors and usage examples

1-To add ideas

They are used to add information to a topic that is being developed.


  • Also.
  • In addition.
  • Thus.
  • Even more.
  • On.
  • At the same time.
  • Based on.

2-To introduce opposing ideas

In this case, the connectors give way to indicate different versions and contrasts of the above. These are divided into 3 options, which are:

By concession

Despite indicating an objection to what was raised, somehow he does not reject it.

  • Either way.
  • At the same time.
  • Even so.

To restrict

These connectors are used to give a limitation to the idea.

  • In another order of ideas.
  • In some way.
  • However.
  • On the other hand.

To exclude

They are used to indicate the opposite of the idea raised above.

  • In opposition.
  • Otherwise.
  • Instead.

3-To introduce another topic

These types of connectors are used to give way to another topic in the essay.


  • With reference to.
  • About.
  • On.
  • The next point is.
  • Another issue is.

4-To indicate time relationships

Using these types of connectors help to keep a chronology and order of time in the essay.


  • At the beginning of the year.
  • Currently.
  • In old times.
  • For now.
  • Later.

5-To explain causes

If you want to begin an explanation of why to use a certain point in the essay, these connectors can be very useful.


  • For this reason.
  • Thus.
  • Since.
  • As.
  • For that.

6-To warn of consequences

With this type of connectors, we can explain the results or consequences that arose from an approach.


  • In this sense.
  • Indeed.
  • As a result.
  • Therefore.
  • In consecuense.

7-To establish similarities

If we need to make some similarity, connectors are also useful.


  • In the same circumstances.
  • The same way.
  • Equally.
  • In the same way.
  • Similarly.

8-To express opinions

They are the most useful connectors when we do an essay, since they help us to give our point of view.


  • The way I see it.
  • In this regard I think.
  • He claimed.
  • I can say.

9-To indicate closure

They are the types of connectors used to start the final part of the test.


10-To exemplify

These types of connectors are used to give a sample of the topic that is being developed in the essay.


  • For example.
  • As well as.
  • As a sample of.
  • I will start by giving an example of.
  • Some of them are.

11-To order

This type of connectors are used to indicate the parts of texts. They can be used at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the test. Test connectors and usage examples


  • To start.
  • First of all.
  • By last.
  • On the other hand.
  • Right after.

12-To indicate the space

These connectors are used to locate the place or area where you are speaking.


  • On the left.
  • In the background.
  • In the other side.
  • Far from.
  • Above.

13-For emphasis

When looking to highlight data that we have already developed from the essay, emphasis connectors can be used.


  • Certainly.
  • Indeed.
  • The most important.
  • We must emphasize that.
  • Really.

14-To give details

With the use of these connectors we can explain in detail an idea at a particular moment.


  • As well as.
  • Specific
  • To understand better.
  • To be more specific.
  • In particular.

Examples of uses of connectors in tests

1-To sum up ideas

– To study the species, a camera was established in different parts of the forest. Likewise , one person lived for a month in a camouflaged hut.

2-By concession

– In any case, the quantitative data was not collected in the best way. On the contrary, the qualitative ones do.

3-To introduce another topic

– The next point that we will take in this dissertation is the appropriate hours to study at home.

4-To explain causes

– In this summer we will not know how many infections there will be, since there is no data from previous years. Test connectors and usage examples

5-To indicate time relationships

– In the past, videogames were made in 2D. At present they are designed in 3D and 4D up.

6-For emphasis

– Indeed, all the objectives were met, which allows for better results.

– We must emphasize that connectors are extremely useful to develop a speech.

Computer malware causes great damage to operating systems. The most important thing is to have a good antivirus and not visit suspicious pages.

7-To make comparisons

– Dogs are one of the most sought after pets. Similarly, there are those who prefer cats or birds.

8-To express opinions

– In my opinion, it is healthy to eat fruits every day. It is evident from the degree of natural vitamins that we can obtain.

9-To indicate closure

– Finally, it can be said that technologies are growing in an incredible way.

10-To exemplify

– There are several types of literary resourcesamong them we have: simile, metaphor, hyperbole, humanization, amphora and onomatopoeia .

11-To order

– On the other hand, we cannot stop naming encyclopedias, books that contain highly relevant information.

12-To indicate the space

– Many important elements are present in the theater. Some of them are behind the curtain.

13-To give details

– To better understand this topic, a good investigation must be carried out. There the most relevant ideas should be sorted and classified. Test connectors and usage examples

14-To indicate closure

– Finally, we can say that all possible measures must be maintained to avoid getting infected.

15-To exclude

– The rain gives good results in the sowing. Instead, the drought has serious consequences.

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