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Attributive adjective examples

Attributive Adjective

In English grammar , an attributive adjective is an adjective that usually comes before the noun it modifies without a link verb . Contrast with a predicative adjective . Attributive adjective examples

Attributive adjectives are direct modifiers of the nominal ones .


  1. “Shut up, don’t cry,
    go to sleep, little baby.
    When you wake up you’ll find
    all the pretty little horses.”
    (traditional American lullaby, perhaps of African American origin)
  2. “On those tender mornings, the store was full of laughter, jokes, boasting and boasting.”
  3. “In a wave of pity, sympathy, affection, hope, I said the stupidest of all.”
  4. “A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face ; it gives greater pleasure than statues or images; it is the best of the fine arts.”
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson, “manners”)
  5. “I know he was a bad man who did vicious and horrible things , some of them for me, but he also had a good side . Like all of us.”
  6. “He was a magnificent, infarct , they thought they were too delicious to , genuine piece, and she was crazy even to consider him kissing him.”
  7. “It had been a nasty little affair , a dark and nasty war , fought in a dark and endless nightmare of ambushes and ruthless murders , a face-to-face war , where prisoner was a dubious word .”

Attributive adjective examples

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