Applicant tracking system definition its advantages and How to choose

What is Applicant tracking system?

The definition of  Applicant tracking system is a tool that helps you during the recruitment process and has several features.

Here you might think: but isn’t this a system that I already use in the recruitment and selection process ? The simple answer is: no.

This is a much more complete tool to assist throughout the process, from attracting to hiring the new employee.

In addition to this point that differentiates ATS from a traditional job posting site, this tool stands out for its strategically designed filters , allowing a specific search to find the ideal professional for the advertised vacancy.

But does not stop there. These platforms also allow:

These facilities and automations are especially indicated in this pandemic period, in which the home office is the work model predominantly used by companies.

As a digital platform, it enables online recruitment activities without compromising employee safety.

How does Applicant tracking system work?

ATS has as its principle the automation of bureaucratic processes , something that HR is quite familiar with.

Thus, previously tedious tasks can be digitized and transformed into smarter, time-saving processes for employees.

But for the selection process to work in an automated way, it is necessary for HR to create tests, forms and other relevant activities in order to select the best candidates for the vacancy.

The work of the ATS is, in short, to score professionals according to the answers they provide to the tests included in the selection process .

Thus, it is possible to have a pre-selection of candidates, saving HR employees A LOT of time.

In addition, some of the best solutions on the market also provide a database with all the CVs already received and also identify those who have already participated in other selection processes.

Some of the features you will find in the main ATS on the market are:

  • advertising vacancies efficiently;
  • standardization of steps, transforming into simplified and objective processes;
  • automated skill tests;
  • screening and tracking of candidates in real time;
  • tool for recruitment management;
  • integration with social networks;
  • sending personalized messages etc.

What is the importance of Applicant tracking system?

Bureaucracy is a word that already carries a very negative stigma.

Companies today have the mission of reducing the weight of this word in their culture, transforming processes that used to be slow into fast and efficient ones.

Especially at a time when companies are reinventing themselves in order to be increasingly competitive in a fierce market, having a strategic HR is essential.

ATS is just another platform that helps HR in this mission, allowing a process as delicate as the hiring of new employees to be done in a simpler and faster way.

In this way, human capital can also dedicate itself to other more strategic tasks that cannot be automated, thus optimizing the functioning of the sector as a whole!

But does not stop there! ATS software also improves — and a lot — the quality of new hires, allowing for fewer errors in the process, after all, the process is semi-automated.

Thus, individuals with the most appropriate behavioral profile have an advantage during selection, making HR’s job even easier.

The standardization of the steps is also very interesting and helps teams to better organize themselves in a single step, no matter which vacancy is being made available.

Advantages of having an Applicant tracking system

Now that you understand how ATS can make the HR team more strategic within the company, we can talk more deeply about why to invest in this tool. See reasons below!

1. Better management of the selection process

With the centralization of all information in a single tool, it is much easier to manage the selection process.

Not only, the ATS allows the creation of a framework very aligned with the day to day of the company, in addition to the definition of filters that will greatly facilitate the work of HR.

Thus, it is possible to create a talent bank that gathers the relevant information of each candidate, facilitating the screening and directing the employees’ time to evaluate those who are most suitable for the advertised vacancy.

2. Reduction of recruitment costs

Another very persuasive point for managers is the savings generated by using an intelligent system .

With the reduction of bureaucracy and complexity associated with the selection process, the time dedicated to it also decreases, allowing these employees to focus on other tasks.

It is always important to keep in mind the hourly rate during this process.

So any automation that improves the HR workflow also lowers the cost.

3. Greater speed and efficiency in the selection process

There is nothing more inconvenient for a company and its employees than an open position.

This implies an overload of work for the team and some important functions can be left out.

Normally, this whole process took place with the hiring of a headhunter in order to find professionals with specific profiles.

With the help of an ATS it is possible to have access to powerful reports when making decisions.

This not only streamlines the entire selection process — also contributing to both of the benefits mentioned above — but also helps to finalize the hiring faster.

4. Simple and direct communication with candidates

Nothing more frustrating than a selection that doesn’t offer feedback to candidates, right?

With an intelligent tool developed for selective processes, it is possible to insert a series of communication points in a completely automated way.

Whether it’s emails, strategic videos explaining each activity or even scheduling the interview. All of this can be automated.

Closer communication can bring out facets of candidates that would otherwise never appear. So, think carefully about the entire selection process.

5. Integration with social networks

There is nowhere to run, nowadays everything revolves around social networks. Basically, everyone is there and professional profiles are on the rise.

In this sense, announcing open positions on social networks becomes essential for the selection strategy, increasing reach.

All of this would be more work if ATS didn’t have native integrations with social networks.

With this native functionality of the tool, you can easily advertise vacancies on company profiles on all registered social networks.

6. Decreased turnover and increased productivity

Decreasing the turnover rate is one of the main goals of any HR team, after all, this has relevant financial impacts for corporations.

The good news is that in addition to all the benefits listed above, ATS helps with that too!

As the process becomes more judicious and much more selective, the employee who reaches the final stage is much more aligned with the company’s organizational culture .

Today, several factors are taken into account when changing jobs, the value of the salary is no longer so significant.

Therefore, being in a place that generates some kind of identification is a major factor in making this decision!

To better understand how to keep the internal customer (employees) happy and engaged, we recommend reading our text on the employee experience and its importance .

How to choose a recruitment system?

It’s time to learn how to choose a good ATS system for your company.

There are a number of features that must be taken into account, so pay close attention to the items we will discuss next.

1-Understand the recruitment and selection process

Before starting to search for the ATS that best fits the needs of your company, it is important to understand in depth how the process works.

So, make mind maps , identify the appropriate behavioral tests and other relevant aspects.

In addition, make clear and objective descriptions at each stage, helping everyone involved to understand.

It is worth bearing in mind the importance of having a very well-designed workflow before inserting automation tools into that workflow.

2-Start comparing ATS solutions

As you can imagine, there are numerous ATS solutions on the market, something positive for you to find the ideal solution for your company. In the next topic we talk about the main solutions on the market, follow along.

Keep in mind that ATS is more than a selection process automation tool, it acts as a true partner of the HR team.

Some questions that will help you get an idea of ​​what to look for are:

  • Will vacancies be posted on social media?
  • Will the ATS be the main software used or is it necessary to integrate it with the solution already contracted by the company?
  • How many employees need access to the tool?
  • What budget is available for this software?

The answers to these answers are paramount to understanding what you are looking for.

The characteristics of a good Applicant tracking system

Some of the features that HR should expect from this tool are:

  • native connection or through API with HR software;
  • communication with other platforms such as jobsites and social networks;
  • automated feedbacks with various possibilities (email, videos, etc.);
  • customizable screening tools;
  • internal recruitment options ;
  • native and/or configurable behavioral tests;
  • use of artificial intelligence.

Also, always ask beforehand how the technical support offered by the vendor works.

Another point that should be explored is the training offered, after all, there is no point in having the most robust solution on the market if no one knows how to use it fully.

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