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The Human Resources area has increasingly taken on a more strategic role within organizations . In this scenario, an HR software becomes extremely useful in strengthening these strategies with a focus on People Management. Types of HR software

Making use of this type of technology automates and optimizes processes : it generates targeted reports, produces consistent and easy-to-understand analytical data, increases productivity and reduces costs with turnover.

But do you know how to choose the HR software that best suits your company’s needs?

This has been one of the most important questions in the HR area in recent times. And the answer to it depends on a set of variables.

For this reason, we have prepared content to show the importance of using an HR software and how to choose the ideal one for your company. Check out!

What is HR software?

An HR software is more than a system designed to automate and, therefore, optimize the processes of the Human Resources area .

As with tools intended for other sectors, the best HR software must provide agility and cost reduction in the execution of processes. In addition to delivering structured data and information for strategic analysis.

Types of HR Software

HR is an area that houses several subsystems, each with its own particularities. Therefore, the HR software needs to address the needs of each specific activity. See some examples below. Types of HR software

DP Software

The Personnel Department area was the first to benefit from HR systems, due to the nature of its activities, which are more bureaucratic and involve more calculations.

The HR platform designed for processes in this sector offers:

Recruitment and Selection Software

In the recruitment and selection part , it is also possible to find technological solutions that meet each of the processes.

Today, some steps that seemed impossible to automate are carried out with the help of artificial intelligence and very well-founded analysis methodologies.

Some of the features found in these types of software are:

  • automated resume selection;
  • calculation of fit between candidates and the vacancy;
  • carrying out technical assessments and behavioral analyses.

People Assessment and Development Software

With regard to the assessment and development of employees, there are very interesting alternatives to improve these processes. Types of HR software

Among them are the analysis of the organizational climate, behavioral profile analysis and performance assessment of managers and employees.

In the development part, these same analyzes can be used as input for the creation of training and capacity building plans.

Further Types


1. Payroll and salary management

The payroll program is a tool for simplifying all administrative and accounting procedures related to payroll management. Payroll tools allow companies to internalize absence management, automatic payroll submission, salary transfer, and all social statements.

2. Time control

The time control software has been designed to automate the management of work time. To do this, the program automates the tracking of hours worked by employees. Managers can optimize the performance of human resources, thanks to careful management of working time .

Likewise, the software for time control helps with compliance with the new regulations that require companies to keep a rigorous hourly record of the time worked by employees.

3. Human talent management and recruitment software

The recruitment system accompanies companies throughout the hiring process: from the search and management of applications to the incorporation of new employees.

These solutions allow you to present job offers to a large audience, with the aim of increasing the chances of detecting and attracting talents that will drive the success of the company.

4. Learning Management System (LMS)

The Learning Management System is an accompanying tool in the management of employee competencies and educational resources. This type of program generally offers a training portal based on a virtual space for each worker / student and another space for trainers. An LMS platform is a virtual classroom for online learning.


Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a system that manages a set of software blocks to automate and monitor a series of tasks for human resource management. Types of HR software

These blocks can be of several types: administrative personnel management, payroll, training platform ( e-learning ), skills and careers management, time and attendance management, etc.

A human resources portal generally allows the different services in question to work collaboratively, by making the information accessible to all interested parties.

Why hire HR software?

Human Resources professionals need to plan their work, as this directly affects the achievement of the company’s goals.

But, in most cases, the entire potential of this sector is not properly explored and is even undervalued.

After all, when everything is done manually, it is difficult to maintain control and agility. This is because our memory cannot store all the information we need.

At the same time, the use of several spread sheets and sprayed tools is also not a good solution.

At that time, technology becomes a great ally!

Having HR software is having in your hands a tool that makes it possible, above all, to optimize your time. In addition to making you more organized.

Another important point is that it helps to make people management processes much more efficient. It helps in the organization and strategy of the sector in its entirety, making it smarter. Types of HR software

Here are some more reasons to hire HR software:

Cost reduction

In the process of recruiting new professionals, for example, there are always expenses, but when there is a system that meets this demand, the process becomes easier and more effective, since, through the tool, it is possible to:

  • store, select and screen resumes;
  • create the profile of the vacancy with the necessary characteristics;
  • do an interview show;
  • record the performance of each candidate throughout a selection process ;
  • create a talent bank.

Another point in favor is the possibility of taking the tests online, applying, for example, tests and questionnaires.

Thus, the step of identifying which professional best meets the profile that the company needs becomes more agile, reducing the costs of applying tests, conducting interviews, etc.

Increased productivity

Good HR software allows you to increase the production capacity of the entire sector. This is because there is no need to waste long hours on a single demand, thus avoiding possible rework.

In addition, manual records are all virtual and can be archived in the cloud.

Also, with a good tool, it is possible to connect different processes, making the team produce more in less time. The sector is also becoming environmentally correct, as it reduces the use of paper.

document organization

Organizing a sector is a way to make it more functional. After all, it will be possible to know where all the necessary documents are and the information as well. Types of HR software

But when this file is made of paper, it generates more work, in addition to being bulky.

Through the HR software it is possible to organize, in one place, all the documentation you need.

An employee’s information, for example, will be stored in the system and, in the event of a termination, it will be more efficient and easier to find what is needed to carry out the process.

Data stored securely

Physical information is easier to lose. Paper tears, it can be lost, the ink in the pen tends to disappear over the years.

However, with all the data in digital process, location and storage becomes more agile.

Good HR software has a cloud file, where you can access folders whenever you want. With agility and practicality: a safer way of not losing any type of information.

Standardization of the selection process

Even if your HR team is efficient and structured, without a good system to support it, the selection process will almost certainly become more complicated and time-consuming. That’s because every recruiter will do it their way.

Therefore, in order to bring managers into line with the HR strategy, it is necessary to have an efficient tool, as it will unify the information and show which candidate meets the qualifications and competences required to fill the vacancy. Types of HR software

Better communication across the company

Mismatched information within the Human Resources sector can cause serious inconvenience. The delay in getting some data relevant to a given process too.

These are just a few problems this area may face.

A specific program to record all data and make announcements greatly improves HR communication with teams and even between employees and management.

How does HR software help the company’s strategy?

So far, we’ve seen a number of benefits that HR software brings to industry processes.

But it is also important to highlight how this technology can contribute to the business’ growth strategy. So we’ve brought you some examples. Check out!

People Analytics

People Analytics is the main trend in RH 4.0 . Since it is based on the premise of using structured data about people to carry out multidimensional analysis for decision-making, from the simplest, such as which type of benefit to adopt, to the most complex.

The information generated by the software can be used in the elaboration of strategies and action plans with more precision, increasing the chances of good results. Types of HR software

Enjoying the benefits that People Analytics provides is only possible with the help of software, as it involves different methodologies for collecting and processing data, which are impossible to do manually.

Agility in executing action plans

Those who work in companies with bold strategic plans know very well that one thing is what was drawn on paper and quite another thing is to put it all into practice.

Good people management software is capable of optimizing the execution of action plans, which involve activities such as hiring specialized professionals and developing internal talent.

Everything is much easier when you have a system that helps you make better decisions about who are the most suitable people for which positions and which ones need to be developed.

The HR software also helps to identify problems, allowing a prompt response, minimizing negative impacts and possible delays in delivering the expected results.

More accurate alignment with business strategy

In addition to promoting quality data and agility in the execution of processes, the use of HR software allows for a better alignment of actions, both by People Management and by area leaders, with the business strategy.

The goals of each area related to hiring and developing people can be easily managed by an HR management system . Types of HR software

In this way, it is possible to establish greater control of activities, their deadlines and quality of deliveries, in accordance with what was defined in the company’s strategic planning.

How to choose the right HR software for your company?

Understanding how to evaluate good HR software is essential. Therefore, understanding that your industry needs more technology is a main premise. Here’s how to choose the best tool.

define the need

Understanding why the company is looking for HR software is the first step in drawing up a detailed briefing for suppliers and receiving proposals that follow the company’s needs and reality.

Ideally, a group of people, from the areas of HR, Information Technology and other managers, draw up a list of all processes that need to be optimized, and that the tool should offer, in order of priority.

Remember to present the organization’s current size, growth rate forecast, and strategic plan to vendors.

Evaluate the tool’s possibilities

The group made up of HR, IT professionals and managers from other areas can identify specific needs, such as analyzing why there is high turnover in a given area.

In that case, a performance management and assessment module can help reduce these fees.

By preparing a case study on each of the challenges faced in managing people, the definition of software requirements must be firmly based on that.

So make sure that the HR software you choose allows this teamwork, and integrated, to continue to happen with the help of the tool. Types of HR software

Do a detailed search

Talk to colleagues in the field about the pros and cons of the current software they use.

A good strategy is to search the internet for what is available on the market, read recent publications and compile a list of products that have the potential to meet the company’s needs.

This is when non-negotiable items such as features and compatibilities should be promptly introduced.

For that, prefer companies that make software demonstrations, free trials and confirm that the system is certified.

Also, find out about upgrade costs, maintenance fees and the possibility of conducting training.

Try the HR software you want to get

Examine the following aspects:

  • software features and integration, ease of learning, simplicity for entering data and flexibility;
  • ability to expand in the short or medium term;
  • performance of features and ability to generate reports.

If the company has any specific needs, such as generating custom reports, be sure to test this section of the software by customizing the system to generate such custom reports.

Finally, find out about the support that the tool vendor offers. Try to talk to a technician, ask questions with the help desk, so you will have an idea of ​​how the assistance will be when you need it.

Search for cloud hosting

Much easier, faster and cheaper than traditional implementation, hosting HR software in the cloud allows for good savings on expensive servers. Types of HR software

In addition, data security and backup has been increasingly ensured by technology companies.

It is also efficient to avoid taking up space in your company with paper files. So, count on a tool that gives you the possibility to store all your documents in the cloud.

Check if the software is certified

Research whether the people management software developer has solid technical credentials and quality and efficiency certifications issued by recognized institutions.

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