when was Socrates born/origin/personal aspects/thoughts/death

Socrates (470 BC – 399 BC)

Socrates is recognized as the father of political philosophy and ethics , he marked a before and after in history, since philosophers prior to his existence are recognized as pre-Socratic philosophers. He is one of the first illustrious thinkers of the Ancient Age , and who founded the foundations of modern philosophy. when was Socrates born?

Although there is no work written by him, his followers were in charge of translating his ideas, which were based on moral concepts such as justice and good.

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Who was Socrates?

He was an outstanding Greek philosopher as he is considered the best in universal and western philosophy, as well as being the founder of moral philosophy. He influenced the life of Plato , whom he became his mentor and that of Aristotle, whom he had as a disciple. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle were the representatives of the philosophy of Ancient Greece .

Socrates was the pioneer in the transformation of Greek philosophy through a continuous and unified process, inspiring many disciples. His interest in philosophical reflection was focused on the human being, society, so he generated conversations with many people from Athens, looking for those who understood something he was talking about, based on topics such as truth, justice or beauty.

Origin of Socrates

This famous ancient Greek thinker was born in Athens in 470 BC and came from a humble middle-class family. His father Sofronisco was a sculptor and his mother was Fenáreta who stood out as a midwife . He was related to Aristides the Just. Very little is known of the life of Socrates, only that he participated as an infantryman in some battles. when was Socrates born?

During his beginnings he worked with his father as a sculptor , eventually making several statues such as The Three Graces, which were placed at the entrance to the Acropolis of Athens until the 2nd century BC. It was the philosopher Archelaus who influenced him in his reflections on morality and physics since he was his teacher.

Socrates personal aspects

Socrates marriage

He got married while he was of advanced age. His wife’s name was Xantipa who came from a noble family , with her he had two daughters and a boy . There are different opinions regarding the relationship he had with his wife, some writings describe it as a toxic and vile relationship on the part of her towards him, while other works describe it as a normal relationship.

Socrates education

His education was very traditional based on music, gymnastics and of course on literatureOver the years he leaned towards the dialectic and rhetoric of the sophists.

Political position

Socrates was a citizen obedient to the laws of Athens, but politically he tried to stay out of it. He had the firm conviction that he was contributing more to the State by dedicating himself to philosophy.

Socrates Characteristics

His physical appearance was short, bulging-eyed, and his nose was turned up. As for the social, he was popular for his audacious intelligence , which is why he drew the attention of those around him when they listened to his reasoning.

Something very characteristic of Socrates was his irony when expressing himself, he had a very sharp sense of humor inclined to cynicism. He had marked habits since he wore the same cape, and he was very simple in his food and drink . when was Socrates born?

Socrates legacy

Socrates is recognized as the pioneer of philosophy for the application he gave it, as the science that is responsible for understanding and scrutinizing the interior of the human being . One of the methods in which it developed was dialectics. After raising a proposition, he analyzed the questions and the answers that arose from it, turning the questioned person into a totally autonomous and unique person, representing the reaction against relativism and subjectivism through an example of theory and behavior or thought and action.

The other method was mayeutics, it is said that the name is in honor of his mother, where the interlocutor can discover his own truths . This method was his greatest merit, where his students could reach the resolution of their problems through skillful and logical questions that clarified their understanding. The goal was that thoughts, knowledge and self-control could restore the relationship between human beings and nature.

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Trial of Socrates

Socrates always showed himself to be a devout man with strong religious convictions. However, as the years passed, he began to gain the mistrust of some of his contemporaries for his stance on the Athenian state and established religion and for his metaphysical beliefs. These were based on the ethereal existence without the intervention of some god as an explicit figure . That is why in 399 BC he was accused of creating or introducing new gods and of corrupting the morals of the youth by instilling in them principles that kept them away from democracy .

The sentence achieved by a small minority was death , once the ruling was handed down, Socrates made an ironic reply regarding his sentence, indicating that by canceling a small fine he could get rid of the sentence. Socrates made it known that the State did not value the life of a man with a high philosophical mission. After this, the jury returned to vote and the sentence was approved by the majority of the jury. when was Socrates born?

Death of Socrates

Although many of his friends looked for a way to free him from the sentence, he preferred to abide by the sentence . The method that the Greeks used to use in death penalty executions was hemlock poisoning. This happened when Socrates was 70 years old.

Socrates thoughts

  • A friend must be like money, that before needing it, one must know its value.
  • True wisdom lies in knowing your own ignorance.
  • I just know that I don’t know anything.
  • Speak so that I know you.
  • Only mean people are won over with gifts.

Socrates came to be noted for his particular ironic personality, as well as his innovative way of teaching people to believe objectively in love, justice and self-knowledgeFor Socrates the soul in union with the intelligence and the character of the person was what determined if this was wise or evil. when was Socrates born?

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