What is Ubersexual definition/concept

The term ubersexual refers to a male stereotype that encompasses a set of aspects related to personal image, character and lifestyle. Its name comes from the German root uber, which means over or above.

A general profile

This type of man conveys self- assurance and has a style of his own. This is an individual who takes care of his image and is interested in fashion, but without being exaggerated.

He is usually a man who plays sports and yet is not obsessed with his musculature. He usually dresses elegantly and at the same time casual. However, your casual look is not something improvised or spontaneous, but very well studied. Ubersexual

The slang of trends says that the ubersexual has already debunked the metrosexual

The ubersexual male archetype has replaced another, the metrosexual. A metrosexual man takes care of his appearance meticulously. Usually shaves the body, uses creams to moisturize the skin, does the nails and uses all kinds of accessories in your clothing. The metrosexual can be said to be a catwalk narcissist, while the ubersexual is a self-assured man who doesn’t need to attract attention.

It should be noted that both metrosexuality and ubersexuality are unrelated to sexual orientation, so both stereotypes can be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Ubersexual

Dandy’s new masculinity and historical precedent

Terms like these are neologisms that have recently been incorporated into everyday language . Both concepts express a new view of traditional masculinity . For centuries men were considered male and masculine when they didn’t care about the care of their bodies, otherwise they were called homosexuals.

Although metrosexuals and ubersexuals are relatively recent male prototypes, we cannot forget that in the 19th century an archetype different from the traditional male, the dandy, emerged in  Europe. The protagonist of the novel  “The Great Gatsby”, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is the paradigm of dandy, who was characterized by his impeccable appearance and by always being dressed in the latest fashion. Ubersexual

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