What is Specific Weight definition/concept

By dividing the weight of a body by its volume, we get the specific weight, which is expressed in newtons per cubic meter. The relationship between the weight of a body and its volume is important to determine the lightness or weight of different materials.

In mathematical language , it is a vector magnitude, since it includes an equally vector factor, the effect of gravity. The action of gravity subjected to a unit of volume on a body determines its specific weight. It is very useful in all kinds of sectors, especially those where it is important to specify the suitable conditions for processing a substance.

It is also used in mechanical engineering, in the fluid business or on earth.

Density and specific weight

The density of an object or substance is obtained by dividing its mass by a unit of volume, which is expressed in kilograms per cubic meter. The density of a body conditions its behavior in the aquatic environment, as stated in Archimedes’ principle (a body immersed in a fluid experiences an upward impulse equal to the weight of the fluid it evacuates). According to this principle, floating bodies have a lower density than the liquid, while submerged bodies have a higher density than the liquid.

The density of a body expresses the relationship between the mass of a body and the volume it occupies. As a general criterion, the density of a substance is variable as it depends on changes in pressure and temperature .

Specific weight and density are related, as both concepts share the variable of the volume of a body. In other  words, the specific gravity is equal to the density multiplied by the action of gravity.

in a figurative sense

The language of physics and chemistry is sometimes extrapolated into everyday language . It is worth remembering that the concepts of force, mass, pressure or acceleration have a mathematical definition and, at the same time, a determined use in everyday communication .

In this way, when an individual exerts great influence in an organization or in a group of friends, it can be said that he has great specific weight. Likewise, certain data or arguments are so important that when it comes to highlighting their relevance, one talks about their specific weight.

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