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Chemistry is the science that deals with the study of matter. This means that the discipline will try to explain the characteristics that such material can have, its behavior and the way it evolves in different circumstances. Chemistry, as a modern science, has a few centuries among us, but some of its concepts can be found even in antiquity. Nowadays, it has a fundamental role in society due to the great development possibilities it guarantees in several areas; in fact, knowing in detail the possibilities of the subject leads to a huge field of action, a field of action that can significantly improve our quality of life .

evolution of chemistry

The origins of the concerns around the  matter can be found from Greek philosophy, in antiquity. In this sense, we can even mention Democritus’ considerations regarding its composition; for the philosopher , this was constituted by indivisible elements that were in constant movement. As we can see, there is in this sense a link that unites these remote inquiries to a current scientific vision: the atom will be the smallest part of  matter, which it is possible to refer to.

However, it is necessary to go back to the nineteenth century to have a vision of chemistry that can be understood as properly scientific. In fact, there had previously been some diffuse contributions to what is known as alchemy, but these were disconnected from a sustainable theory. It is from that moment that the notion of a combination of elements starts to develop from aspects related to electricity .

Elements and Properties

The process of ordering the elements according to their properties must also be situated at this historical point , an order that today is called the periodic table. Finally, it is in the 20th century that chemistry achieves the rigor that characterizes it, with systematic recognition of the bonds of electrons and the way in which they work when atoms join together.

As we can see, chemistry has undergone a slow but steady evolution throughout history. An evolution that was undoubtedly not free from errors and unsafe considerations. Nowadays, however, the great reach that can be attributed to chemistry is remarkable, transforming our lives in different ways through the implementation of techniques that take it into account.

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