What is Maitreya Buddha/meaning/concept

In Buddhist texts, it is stated that at some point a new Buddha will come to this world. This is a man whose name is Maitreya, which in Sanskrit means “the friendly”. He is someone endowed with great wisdom and profoundly kind. This belief is based on a prophecy made by the Buddha himself. Maitreya Buddha

In Buddhism, the future Buddha currently lives in what they call the “heaven of the glad”. Maitreya remains in this place waiting for the opportune moment to present himself before the men. Following the texts that highlight this prophecy, Maitreya will be welcomed by humanity, as his proposals are imbued with spiritual goodness.

According to the prophecy, the coming of Maitreya will be accompanied by a sign: the waters of the oceans will diminish. As soon as he appears among men, a new social order will be formed based on love and tolerance, as the new Buddha knows the concerns that afflict men and because he wants to help. Maitreya Buddha

Maytreya is considered the instructor of the world

Those who believe in the arrival of a new Buddha in the world claim that he will come with a message of peace in order to alleviate suffering and war. At the same time, to establish the path of peace it will be necessary that men bet on the path of justice , because without it it is impossible to reach peace. In this sense, for justice and peace to prevail, material goods must be shared . Maitreya Buddha

Certain followers of Buddhism believe that there was already the second coming of Maitreya

In some currents of Buddhism it is stated that Maitreya has already appeared before men. It is said that he left his heavenly retreat to reach the city of London in 1977, he worked as a night porter in a hospital and that he addressed messages to humanity by telepathy.

Briton Benjamin Creme claims that the new Buddha is a teacher of all religions and that at some point he will maintain telepathic communication with all of humanity. Maitreya Buddha

In other religions there are similar beliefs

– In Judaism, it is believed in the arrival of the true messiah, who will start a new messianic era.

– In Hinduism, there is talk of Kalki, the ultimate incarnation of Vishnu.

– In Zoroastrianism, it is believed that Saoshyant will be a new benefactor for humanity.

– In Christianity, the second coming of Jesus is expected to purify humanity and judge his people (Matthew 25: 31-46). Maitreya Buddha

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