What is Abuse of Authority/meaning/concept

The concept abuse of authority, also known as abuse of power, is a very common behavior that occurs in our society . It is an individual or authority who, because of the power they have over others, brags about and uses it to submit them to their designs and, in this way, uses them to obtain benefits.

However, it is worth noting that abuse of authority can occur in various areas such as politics, the work environment and even the intimacy of your home. Therefore, this modality exposed above shows us the authority of the one who makes his power prevail to get what he wants through various forms of coercion in his objectives. Usually threatens or exerts physical violence on others to get what you really want.

With some examples, let’s look more clearly

A boss , taking advantage of his position and the authority he exercises, forces an employee to perform a task that does not belong to him , under the threat of firing him if he does not effectively comply with the due request.

On the other hand, a political official, as in the case of a president, uses the power of his office to illegally arrest any leader who opposes his government.

In another sense, abuse of authority is usually seen under the command of the police. Unfortunately, there are many cases of police officers who in carrying out their duties go beyond the use of violence. Thus, it is common to hear that a detainee was beaten by the police during his detention or arrest.

There are also cases of abuse of authority by this security force when a person is arrested without the proper order of a judge or arbitrarily without mediating a concrete cause.

These examples are representative of the concept and undoubtedly have a constant presence in our society.

It is worth noting that the abuse of authority is considered a crime under most laws, by chance your commission has a punishment.

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