What is Social Work definition/concept

Social work is defined as any activity that seeks to improve the material, health, cultural or educational conditions of the population. Given the difficulty of earning an income under these circumstances, Social work tends to be related to organizations that exclude profit . This type of action can be any asset, but generally non-governmental organizations are the ones most related to this type of initiative. Social work emphasizes the sectors of the population that have unmet needs and intends to work as a palliative to this circumstance. Therefore, its development and promotion is of great importance.

Usually individuals in particular and society have their needs met through their work and the demand for goods and services in the market.. Depending on the free play between supply and demand , prices are determined by goods and services. However, because of economic failure , many of these circumstances go unmet. This is where the presence of work from the so-called tertiary sector, willing to offer services that can meet any type of containment to this situation, becomes evident.

The functions that social workers, that is, social workers, can accumulate are as follows: offering psychological treatment or therapy to families, couples and individuals; prepares programs and various projects together with governmental and non-governmental bodies to improve social development ; facilitates information and contacts with agencies that provide socioeconomic resources; guides individuals and families towards a peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogues; is dedicated to research of social circumstances in a way that allows a deep interpretation of the current phenomena, trying to identify problems and elaborate proposals that aim to contribute with solutions; social plans and projects are evaluated according to expected needs; it maintains control of communities and individuals in need of assistance in any form.

As stated above, as social work falls into the treatment of problems that can hardly be solved through the market, it is an orientation that generally excludes profit. That is why social workers usually carry out their activities in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and in the public environment; areas that base their existence on the treatment of the most vulnerable sectors of the population.

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