What is Social Management definition/concept

The concept of management is generally related to the business field and thus one speaks of commercial management or human resources management . However, in society there is social management, a concept created in recent years to refer to a specific academic education with a clear social projection, social management.

Social management studies

This type of university education is known under several terms, and Planning and Social Management is among the most used, and can be applied in the undergraduate or graduate courses.

These studies fall within the field of social services proper to public administration and as a response to the complex social reality with issues related to marginalization, exclusion, sustainability or equal opportunities.

Regarding the study plans , these contain areas such as social management, social planning and programming, social expenditure, sustainability of the welfare state and public policies, among others.

The main bases

In addition to the specific areas and their contents, social management studies must be understood within a complex framework that interacts with the political, economic and social dimension of the human being.

Effective social management involves knowledge of social rights and the public system that administers them.

Educational policies, pensions and the labor reality are also essential aspects of social management

From a methodological point of view, these studies are associated with a series of social indicators that allow for the assessment of poverty, social vulnerability or measurement of the material and non-material needs of citizenship.

A social manager must prepare and analyze social projects in order to transform some aspects of reality. For this, it is necessary to address the issue of financing and social spending, in addition to directing the main parameters of sociology at the same time.

The figure of the social manager should not be understood as a bureaucratic profession or simply theoretically focused, since the objective of this profession is full of ethical values ​​such as social justice , commitment to the most disadvantaged and the fight against inequalities.

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