What is Social Management Types objectives and Services offered

Social Management

Societies with the passage of time have been establishing different parameters, which many times people cannot easily overcome or require different tools to organizational culture. Only with this data will HR be able to deal with it, which is why it is important to know what social management is and we will help you today  in this article.

If we go to what social management means etymologically, the first thing that is obvious is that it is about two words, both come from Latin, the first is management, which comes from “management”, which can be translated to what is the action or a fact.

While social comes from “socius” which can mean partner, due to this certain ideas are developed that allow social interaction to be possible, the model that is used makes it possible to build various spaces.

When talking about what social management is, it should be known that it is the function of carrying out diagnostic, preventive and intervention activities in the face of various risk situations that may arise.

In order to correctly develop what social management is, dialogue plays an important role, this can be carried out with different organizations, companies and of course with citizens. Continue reading and we will tell you more about it.

Types that are developed

According to the type of action that is going to be carried out, what is the social activity can be located in certain aspects, be it in sports, communities or any other point that can be taken into account.

That is why we will know the types of social management:

Social and community management 

When talking about what social and community management is, it should be known that it is a series of activities that can be diagnostic or preventive in order to intervene in time in any risk situation that is generated in the communities.

A complete approach system is usually established, having a comprehensive model allows all factors to be taken into account.

Social management of sport

Carrying out physical activity can be a way to keep people away from vices, since it gives them a reason to stay active, so in sectors that are considered depressed, promoting this type of action is ideal.

These types of actions are often part of social responsibility and companies usually assume it, it consists of financing sports activities in communities that present problems.

social risk management

It refers to those situations in which the risks that arise in the different populations have to be evaluated, those that are directly related to what the community is as such.

Many times public management is part of these activities, since they are in charge of repairing problems such as water boats or lack of transportation that can represent a risk for the communities.


Within the objectives of what social management is, we can find:

  • Develop different advisories and consultancies in the area of ​​education.
  • Design, execute and evaluate the different comprehensive strategies, social and intervention projects with general approaches.
  • Planning different strategies for social innovation.
  • Advice on the construction of programs, plans and projects to overcome topics such as poverty, migration and victims.
  • Systems that allow oversight of development projects.

Services offered by social management

Taking into account the type of activities that are developed, it is important to keep in mind the variety of services that can be offered without any problem, within what is social management we can find services such as:

  • Consulting and advice in different places where problems arise in a community.
  • Design and execution of various projects that encourage citizen participation 
  • Support in the legal area regarding the actions that the community wishes to take in this regard.
  • Establish recreational activities in areas such as neighborhoods or those sectors that are depressed. 

In order to establish a correct relationship with the communities, the first thing to do is show real interest in their problems and offer objectives  to be met to improve everything. Therefore, taking some courses on what it is to be a social manager can be a great idea.

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