What is Figurative Art/meaning/concept

Although there are many definitions about the idea of ​​art, it is clear that what is sought is the viewer’s emotion. Through images and representations, ideas, values ​​and aesthetic approaches are transmitted. Figurative Art

Images can be of two types: those that are close to reality and those that are far away. Art or figurative image refers to any work of creation connected to the real world, with what can be observed.

Figurative image versus non-figurative image

The first is one that looks like something from the real world. Thus, a portrait of a person with defined characteristics, a naturalistic still life or a realistic landscape are some examples of figurative art.

Some artistic currents are expressions of this way of understanding art, such as realism, expressionism or primitive art. In all of them nature is somewhat imitated. Consequently, in the figurative arts, creations are clearly identified to the viewer. This way of presenting an artistic work is based on a general principle: art imitates nature.

The non-figurative image does not fit with the observable world, as it is a non-real representation in a strict sense. In this way, instead of recording something objective, something is created from the artist’s subjectivity. In this form of expression , the lines, shapes and colors of a painting do not connect with the exposed theme, as the artist projects his thoughts and emotions away from the representation of reality itself. Figurative Art

Abstract art in its diverse currents is the most representative trend of this way of understanding art.

The problem of definitions when expressing everything related to beauty

We all have an idea of ​​what art is, but it’s difficult to offer a conclusive definition. However, when there is a consensus on a certain issue: it is a human need .

At the same time, any work of creation is aimed at aesthetic pleasure

The discipline that studies beauty is aesthetics . It can be said that something is considered beautiful because we give it a certain value. Both figurative and non-figurative art are two ways of understanding beauty. Figurative artists emphasize the external and objective dimension of everything around us, while non-figurative artists emphasize the subjective side of beauty. Figurative Art

Aesthetics seeks to provide answers to all these questions associated with the idea of ​​beauty. Among them are: do we perceive the beautiful through emotions or through intelligence ? Does beauty exist by itself or do we create it? Is aesthetic enjoyment an intellectual pleasure product of reflection or a purely sensory satisfaction?

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