What is Stern and Bow definition/concept

Nautical terminology refers to the state of the winds, the currents of the sea, shipbuilding and the position of the stars. Obviously, the structure and parts of a vessel also have specific terminology. Stern and Bow

The term proa comes from the Latin prora and, in turn, from the Greek prora; it is the front of a vessel. The word stern comes from the Latin puppis and refers to the rear of the vessel.

Both have certain moorings, that is, they are ropes or cables used to support or moor the vessel on the pier. In this sense, there are boats moored in the bow and others in the stern.

The front of a boat can be shaped like a violin or clipper, straight or like a spoon. The stern is the opposite and its hull structure completes the vessel. Depending on the shape of the ship, the stern can be round, flat, raised or mirrored, among others.

Regarding the wind, there are also bow and stern

Obviously, the wind force mainly hits the bow. On the other hand, in the work of berthing or unberthing a vessel, it is essential to take these two parts into account. Stern and Bow

In sailors’ language one talks about the figurehead (an ornament that usually takes the shape of a deformed face), the bow captain (the sailor responsible for cleaning the ship) or the bow mast (a small-sized mast).

When embarking, for example, on a cruise vacation , we have to choose the cabin in which we are going to stay in a certain location. If we consider that the engines are normally in the stern, it is advisable to book the cabin in the bow.

The prow of the Titanic

Probably the bow of the Titanic is the place most illustrious as this famous ship. Its fame is due to two reasons: because in this part the shipwreck began and because it located the main terrace immortalized by one of the most famous images in the history of cinema. Like the rest of the Titanic is the bow, which is at the bottom of the ocean and in perfect condition, while the stern is completely destroyed. Stern and Bow

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