What is Idiosyncrasy definition/concept

Idiosyncrasy refers to the set of characteristics of a person or society .

In this way, idiosyncrasy is still what differentiates a person or the rest of the group from their culture , temperament or customs.

It is important to highlight that the concept of idiosyncrasy, with regard to societies, is not exclusive. That is, although it defines a series of qualities that occur frequently in certain human groups , the fact that they do not possess these qualities as a whole or in any of them in fact, does not invalidate the presence of a subject within that group.

Assuming that idiosyncrasy is a generic concept, it cannot be assumed that all members of a group have the same characteristics. This does not invalidate your presence in that group or vice versa.

Given this common definition of the term idiosyncrasy, there is also a less common one that refers to the area of ​​pharmacology. In this way, idiosyncrasy can also be defined as a reaction, apparently normal and unexplained by certain patients in the face of some drugs.

Idiosyncrasy and stereotype

It is worth noting that the idiosyncrasy of a community or region is made up of individuals who do not share common characteristics. These are characteristics shared by various sectors of society without falling into stereotype.

Thus, for example, the idiosyncrasies of the Andalusians include references to certain customs such as taking a nap after eating, being out with friends every day, being a devotee of some saint or virgin, being a lover of bullfights and flamenco, as well as being fun, noisy, partying and a bit of a bum.

In any case, this does not mean that all Andalusians (those born in Andalusia) take a siesta or watch bullfights; these are widespread cultural customs that characterize the inhabitants of this region.

Therefore, there are certain places in Andalusia that do not have bulls, but that is not a problem for some cities or regions in that area to be less important when it comes to determining the idiosyncrasy of the Andalusians as a whole.

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