What is Sexual Objectification definition/concept

For some philosophers, the material progress of humanity has been accompanied by a profound change in the mentality of men. One of the consequences is the objectification of man. Instead of thinking about people with first and last names or human beings who feel and suffer, man is considered as something abstract, as if he were a thing. Sexual Objectification

In other  words, objectification consists in transforming a  subject into an object . For Marxist thinkers,  capitalism is the cause of the objectification processes of human beings.

The idea of ​​objectification can be applied to various contexts, such as work, human relationships ,communication and sexuality.

in the field of sexuality

The human body, especially the female body, is valued by some people through deformed mental schemas. In advertising, fashion and the media in general, an unrealistic aesthetic and sexual model is imposed . The perfect woman must have specific measures, otherwise she deviates from the sexual standard.

Perfect measurements are not available to the vast majority. The objectification of sexuality turns out to be a kind of cultural fetishism. Sexual Objectification

On the other hand, the female body is treated as if it were a commodity. When certain requirements are met, it becomes an attractive product, otherwise it is a product with little  market value. This type of criterion can cause frustration and discomfort in women who do not feel good about their physical appearance.

Scholars of the phenomenon of gender violence consider that there is a direct relationship between female objectification and the violent attitudes of some men.

The feminist movement is radically opposed to the deformation of the image of women. For this reason, a change of focus in the media is demanded. For this to be possible it is necessary to value the woman for her capacity and not for her body. Sexual Objectification

In the field of advertising and pornography

To sell cars, beer or any other type of product, it is very common to incorporate a female image with a strong sexual charge. With this type of  message, women are used as an object that serves to make a commercial product more attractive.

In the pornography world there are thousands of options for fueling sexual fantasies. A degrading image is often projected on women. They appear submitted, humiliated and an obscene and violent  language is still used in sexual relations. It can be said that this type of pornography is incompatible with respect for the female condition. Sexual Objectification

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