What is Mentality definition/concept/elaboration

Each person has a series of personal ideas and beliefs that form their overall outlook on life. Such ideas and convictions are the foundation of a mindset. It can be said that mentality is their way of understanding existence. Mentality

The mentality, both individual and collective, depends on cultural tradition, the education received by the family and the social and historical circumstances of each period. In some cases, an individual’s way of thinking may be related to their genetic heritage.

capitalist mentality

The vital thinking of some people is governed by a capitalist vision. When they invest, they seek the greatest possible benefit. Usually, they don’t spend all they have because they care about saving and investing. They believe that it’s all about buying and selling, so they try to buy cheap and sell dear. Finally, the projects carried out are evaluated according to a profitability criterion .

conservative mindset

There are people who cling to traditional values ​​to give meaning to their lives. Those with a conservative mindset place special value on the family, religion, discipline, and customs of their ancestors. Mentality

In fact, they are conservative because they want to maintain and preserve traditions in the face of new developments. The conservative individual usually adopts an attitude against social changes and new trends.

Winning and losing perspective

The winner thinks and acts with a goal: to be the best and to surpass their competitors. The loser feels defeated beforehand and perceives himself as a victim. Both start from a previous mental state that determines the success or failure of their projects.

The entrepreneurial vision

The entrepreneur has a unique mindset. He is a determined and self-confident person, who does not give up easily and is willing to sacrifice to reach his goals. Generally, the entrepreneur is creative, has leadership qualities, is not afraid of failure, learns from mistakes, takes risks and sees opportunities where others see problems.

The topics of the mentality of each people

Each people has its own characteristics, which is why people speak of an Argentine, Spanish or British mentality.

According to popular topics, Argentines are passionate, meat lovers, carefree, arrogant and football fanatics. Spaniards are cheerful, envious, expressive, siesta lovers and creative. The British are punctual, pragmatic, competitive, addicted to sports betting and good manners. Mentality

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