What is Swan/meaning/concept/elaboration

From the point of view of zoology, this water bird belongs to the Anaditae family and the genus Cignus and its characteristics as a species are similar to ducks and geese. In fact, in some countries in South America, they are called “gritones” because of their unique scream. Swan

The swan has waterproof down and its feet are webbed. To obtain food, they dive into rivers or lakes and feed on small plants and fish. It has a considerable size that can reach 1.5 meters, weighs about 12 kilos and has a wingspan of more than two meters, which makes it one of the largest flying birds. They live approximately 14 years and those who live in cold areas tend to migrate south for the purpose of hibernating. When their puppies are five months old they are able to fly.

Swans live in pairs and are monogamous animals. Before mating, the male and female perform a ritual moving their neck as if it were a bow. The tasks of building the nest are carried out by the female, while the male is dedicated to protecting the territory from possible threats to his young.

The best known is the common or white swan, but there is also the tundra swan and the black-necked swan.

A symbol of elegance

Many animals symbolize ideas. The dog represents loyalty , the donkey represents hard work, the snake is associated with sin and the swan is a symbol of elegance and beauty . This idea makes sense because watching a swan floating on water feels like enjoying a dance . That’s why one of the most classic works of ballet is “Swan Lake”.

The ugly duck

We all know the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling. This story is more than just a children’s story. In fact, topics such as self-esteem, teenage problems, tolerance and personal identity are addressed .

The ugly duckling suffers the contempt of his brothers until he discovers that he is actually a swan. This is a story about the human condition. It emphasizes that we all must know who we are and where we are from. In a way, at some point we have already passed as an ugly duckling, because we feel misunderstood and rejected by others.

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