What is Interfaith Dialogue definition/concept

Relatively often, human beings have great deficiencies in the question of dialogue , however, the interaction of knowledge is essential to make decisions and expand information about a specific field. Even in the field of religion. Interfaith Dialogue

have an open mind

Interreligious dialogue is a clear example. What does this type of conversation refer to? Be available for active listening and collaboration between people who share the same religious beliefs.

This exchange can be done privately in the intimate context of a friendship between two people with different beliefs, but it can also be carried out in a public way between two public institutions. This type of meeting is very positive because it means going beyond your own prejudices and beliefs to attend to respect, religious customs and beliefs from a different culture. Interfaith Dialogue

Why is interfaith dialogue so important? Because in some cases, it can help the protagonists of this conversation to understand that it is something more than what unites us than what separates us. For example, the idea of ​​a single God is present in monotheistic religions. Likewise, the practice of good is present in the most varied beliefs.

At times, one religion looks at another with some trepidation, one that the quest for truth is experienced absolutely from within a religion. However, interreligious dialogue allows for the creation of a context for common debate, where respect for others is a fundamental value. Interfaith Dialogue

Philosophy of Religion

There are several ways to be a religious person , but the interfaith attitude is the most appropriate in a global context, as well as the one that is in greater harmony with human nature , since the human being, as an intelligent person, has self- awareness and can free the philosopher within. Interfaith Dialogue

Just as a person can have faith from a human point of view, he can have doubts and even evolve in a certain direction. That is, there are people who convert and adopt a different religion in adulthood.

Rather, this phenomenon is a reflection of one of the questions that gave rise to philosophy through thinkers such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, who reflected on divinity as an origin. Interfaith Dialogue

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