What is right handed and left handed definition/concept

People who prefer to use their right hands are called right-handers and those who are more skilled with the left are considered left-handed. In principle, this difference should be expressed fifty percent for each case, but this is not so, as more than 80% of the population is right-handed. So the question is obligatory: Why are we right-handed most of the time? This question has no definitive answer, but the explanation is believed to come from our brain structure .

The laterality of the hemispheres

We have two cerebral hemispheres, the left and the right. During the learning process of each individual there is a predominance of one hemisphere or another. The left is responsible for mathematical intelligence , language and deals with analytical and logical issues. The law regulates emotional learning, intuitions and creativity .

Usually each person has a more developed hemisphere than the other and this explains the different abilities. The laterality of the hemispheres may explain why most people are right-handed rather than left-handed. In other words, as the left hemisphere regulates language and our linguistic ability is unique to homo sapiens, this evolutionary circumstance would explain why a large part of the population is right-handed and only a minority is left-handed.

Although the right-handed population is predominant, it should be noted that statistically there is something even more unusual about being left-handed, the fact of being ambidextrous. People who use both hands indistinctly are a minority of only 1% of the population.

The right-handed-left-handed binomial from the cultural point of view

Usually the majority tendencies become normal and the minority tendencies are rarities. This distinction between normal and rarity is applied to the right-handed-left pair.

For centuries left-handed people suffered social discrimination . They were considered different and, consequently, strange, abnormal and distorted. Sometimes this rarity was punished and children who wrote with their left hand were forced to change their natural tendency. It should be noted that culturally the left side was associated with sin and the right side symbolized the right.

In everyday language there are expressions that recall this distinction and “being someone’s right hand” is something positive, while the word left has the same origin as sinister, a clearly pejorative concept. In fact, the word left in English comes from lyft, which means weak or broken.

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