What is Conflict/meaning/concept/elaboration

Conflict is a situation that involves a problem, a difficulty and can later result in confrontations, usually between two or more parties, whose interests, values ​​and thoughts observe absolutely different and opposite positions.

So, this conflict can cause the exchange of opinions between two people who have opposing interests within a discussion, evolving towards a resolution of the case or, at worst, causing an armed struggle, something that has been seen lately in countries that are unable to resolve their conflicts old ones.

The conflict can be individual, with oneself, for example, when we are presented with the opportunity to change jobs for another that offers us better remuneration, but in our current job we feel comfortable, we already know the people, the boss , we know how to act, as if to say we swim like a fish in water, the fact that we think of a situation that requires a new beginning despite the economic benefits, without a doubt, causes us an internal situation of conflict in having to decide between two opposite situations.

But conflict can also be social when it comes from the social structure itself.

Starting from the basis that no one is equal to another and that all individuals are unique beings who have their own interests that certainly differ from each other, then, based on that, social coexistence is reflected in a spectator of a good deal of conflict.

Disagreements, economic inequalities, complaints about abuse of authority can be some of the factors that trigger important conflicts within a society.

The theories of social conflicts widely held in the field of sociology serve to explain and predict a solution through integration or coercion.

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