What is Gender Equity definition/concept

The term gender equity refers to equal treatment for both sexes in relation to any type of activity, whether in the area of ​​work, opportunities, etc. It is somehow a wish of our society that there are no differences in treatment between men and women. Gender equity is largely about fairness and giving everyone the treatment they deserve. However, as a result of some extremist stances, the expression can be misinterpreted. In this sense, it is important to draw a line that can distinguish an accurate assessment of gender equity to allow a more focused perspective to be taken.

The term equity is synonymous with equality and implies the fact of sharing several characteristics, qualities and possibilities. From a gender perspective, equity tends to consider men and women as equals. This is true in many ways, but it is also false in others. Thus, men and women are equal in dignity, capacity, in many areas, in some needs, etc. However, it is also true that there are significant differences that make each sex more willing and able to perform some type of task than the other; therefore, this assessment must be considered as discriminatory in some way.

However, not all postures that tend to refer to gender equity have the same consideration. In fact, certain variants of feminism consider the only differences between men and women to be biological, without noticing the implications that these differences may have in other respects. In fact, from this perspective, gender equity should be understood as equal treatment for men and women, as they are equal in all aspects of a human being, a circumstance that at least is questioned.

Despite this, what is certain is that there are unjustifiable differences in many aspects of society that must be corrected in order to achieve fair treatment between the sexes. In fact, there are differences in treatment in several areas of human activity that cannot be justified by any kind of sex difference. In this case, a correct assessment of the capacity of both sexes becomes undeniable. Gender equity is like a flag to defend against legislation that establishes unfair differences.

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