What is Aerobic/meaning/concept/elaboration

Aerobic is called any type of circumstance that involves the use of air by the body, especially when referring to the use of oxygen. So, for example, it is possible to refer to aerobic training, aerobic breathing, an aerobic organism, etc. All of these expressions refer to the need for oxygen and, by extension, for air. It is also generally said to be applied to the functioning of living beings or some of their vital functions. It is important to note that this adjective contrasts with the so-called anaerobic, which means “absence of air”. In this case, the same relative expressions are applied: anaerobic training, anaerobic respiration and anaerobic organisms .

The need for oxygen on the part of living beings happened late on planet Earth. In fact, at first, there was a low proportion of atmosphere and the first beings breathed through other means. With the emergence of plants, they began to generate oxygen for their own feeding process called photosynthesis; but although the plants used oxygen, this consumption was less than their production . This circumstance allowed the proliferation of aerobic organisms, that is, that needed oxygen continuously. Aerobic breathing was an adaptation of organisms to the new circumstances presented by the planet. in relationto organisms that live without oxygen, which are usually bacteria; even in some cases, oxygen can be toxic to them.

When it needs oxygen to function, our body fits within this definition. For example, aerobic training refers to a person’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently. This type of training makes the same amount of oxygen in the body able to carry out more movement and continuously. However, it is not the only type of training carried out. So, for example, an anaerobic training refers to the ability to perform a movement with the presence of oxygen less than needed, where the body needs to generate lactic acid to make up for this lack. However, the use of oxygen to cover the body’s needs is a usual circumstance that adapts to our needs, with another variant being an extreme use case ofresources and is only used in extreme effort.

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