What is Family Constellations/meaning/concept

There are several forms of psychological support. One of the most innovative methods is the family constellation. It is an alternative therapy, which is one reason why, much criticism is received from detractors who are suspicious of the results of this method . Family Constellations

Family constellations start from the premise that many of the mechanisms of action that cause suffering to a person are rooted in performances of past generations in the family. It is not a genetic influence, but a cultural one within the family system itself .

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The creator of the family constellations is Bert Hellinger. Through this therapy, of clear systemic character, it helps the individual to reflect on his position in the family and his bond with others, it helps the subject‘s unconscious to process such information . Family Constellations

Family constellations are based on the assumption that the family as its own system generates constant influence on the individual’s development.

One of the essential principles of the family constellation is that all family members have the right to belonging and recognition by the other members. Furthermore, this theory is based on the premise that older people are preferred over younger generations. For what reason? Because they arrived early.

Through this therapy, the constellated person becomes aware of the information that is present in the familiar unconscious. This therapy is performed in a group, but it is not a group dynamic understood in the traditional sense . The constellation is the professional who plays the role of leading the group in a constellation session. On the other hand, the participants have no bond with each other. Family Constellations

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For example, the protagonist of a session visualizes the position of his family members, that is, the participants represent information from the protagonist’s unconscious. People who play the role of family members of the protagonist of a constellation do not have any kind of bond with him. They carry out symbolic representation work. However, they are influenced by information from the protagonist’s unconscious.

During the session and with the help of the constellation, the protagonist analyzes the possible family situations that are being a blocking point. Family Constellations

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