What is Missing Link definition/concept

Since Charles Darwin’s investigations in the 19th century, most of the scientific community agrees that natural selection is the mechanism that explains the transformations of living beings. In relation to human beings, it is believed that the current man (homo sapiens) is the result of an evolutionary process of thousands of years. Missing Link

From the theory of evolution , a belief was created that over time proved to be false: “that before the current human being there was another species of homo”. This supposed species could not be conclusively identified. Nevertheless, this hypothetical homo was called “link lost “.

In other words, for decades the scientific community believed that between apes and man there must be an intermediate species and when its definitive existence was discovered it could explain the entire evolutionary process of man. Missing Link

The emergence of the myth began in the 19th century

Followers of Darwin’s theories began to propagate the idea that homo sapiens should have a direct ancestor. Some researchers claimed that this ancestor had to do with Neanderthal man, others said it could be Australopithecus or Homo erectus. Each new fossil that appeared became a possible candidate to be the missing link.

The idea of the missing link is more related to the means of communication than with the scientific community that studies the evolutionary process of man and his ancestors. Missing Link

Today’s paleologists do not claim to find the mythical missing link in the evolutionary chain

Paleontology studies seek to reconstruct the family tree of apes and, in parallel, try to explain how this tree has led to the emergence of the human species. Thus, in a strict sense, there is no missing link, but rather a branch of species that have different forms of relationship with each other.

The idea of ​​ramification is opposed to the linear view of human evolution understood as a process in one direction and which ends in today’s homo sapiens. Missing Link

Creationist theories oppose evolutionism

Evolutionism is accepted by the vast majority of scientists. Despite this, some argue creationism as an explanatory system for the universe and living species. According to creationism, the various forms of life are not explainable by any process of natural selection or scientific theory, since divine intervention is the only argument that can explain the different forms of life. Missing Link

Consequently, the idea of ​​human evolution from the ape lineage and the idea of ​​missing link are subjects rejected by creationists.

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