What is Chronic Pain definition/concept

Pain is an uncomfortable and unpleasant sensation that you have in some part of the body. It can also refer to the state of mind of the human being. Anyway, this is something subjective , as each individual has their personal perception and the ability to know how to support. Chronic Pain

From a physiological point of view, most physical parameters are objective (blood pressure, pulse rate, red blood cells, etc.), but in the case of pain, there is no precise measurement.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies pain into three approximate levels: mild, moderate and severe

On the other hand, there is a fourth level: chronic physical discomfort. Its main characteristic is permanence, that is, it is not something temporary or transitory, but constant and persists for more than six months. Logically, this sensation is really uncomfortable and indigestible, as it affects the individual as a whole.

Medicine seeks to cure diseases and, at the same time, avoid suffering

Anesthesia and the use of anesthetics and opioids considerably reduce pain suffering. However, in some circumstances, the error is persisted for some time, which is why the term chronic pain is called. In recent decades, new questions have emerged to address this situation, the so-called pain units. In the case of fibromyalgia, some headaches or back problems can manifest as chronic pain in patients.

They are also caused by emotional reasons that lead to physical discomfort (psychosomatic problems). Anyway, chronic pain is a symptom of a health problem and that’s why medicine tries to find the cause that causes this feeling.

As chronic pain is not associated with a specific medical discipline , its treatment requires a multidisciplinary strategy: anesthesia, psychological rehabilitation, surgery, among others. On the other hand, chronic pain has two aspects: benign (related to rheumatic problems) and malignant pathology (related to the process of metastasis originating from some cancer).

In addition to specific medical treatments and therapies to combat chronic pain, some specialists recommend that the person has a positive attitude towards this type of situation, as it has been proven that both feelings and emotions have a strong influence on health.

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