What is Social Relations definition/concept

Social relations are very important in the life of any person , since the affection human feeds on affection, respect, recognition and love received through friendship, family and the couple. Naturally, the most superficial bonds such as friendship and companionship also improve self-esteem and the illusion of people’s lives, as every human being is social by nature, that is, he grows as a person by sharing life in society. Social relationships are very important, but at the same time they are very complex. In other words, leaving the limits of your own individuality to connect with another human being and maintain a relationship over time means leaving selfishness behind to open your heart to others. Social Relations

Personal relationships cause differences in criteria, irritation, distance, misunderstandings, communication failures , awkward silences and words out of context. Furthermore, social relationships are ideal only when people have clear affinities, that is, the preference for some people over others. It is normal for a person to have sympathy for another, just as he can also feel dislike for someone. In this sense, it’s not easy to work with a coworker you don’t get along with. Social Relations

On the other side of the scale , personal relationships provide us with sweeter moments thanks to happy moments, hugs, phone calls from loved ones, birthday celebrations with friends, affectionate words, support from a partner, dating , parties with friends, typical family gatherings like Christmas, New Year, etc.

Social relationships are very important. The first social nucleus is the family. In this regard, it is noteworthy that it is from childhood that children assimilate some behavior models through the behavior of their parents. Social relationships differ according to the degree of intimacy that a person has with another, that is, according to the degree of trust. Social Relations

True friends are also fundamental and an engine of happiness in anyone’s life, friendship itself is a learning whose value is internalized in childhood. On the other hand, the love of a partner is also a life option, but it is not the only possible path. There are also single people.

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