What is Opinion Column/meaning/concept

In the press, both in print and in digital, one of the sections that brings more prestige to the means of communication is precisely the column of opinion . It is called this way because it is presented in the form of an elongated column and because in it the author expresses his point of view on a current topic.

In journalistic language, the author of the column is also known as a columnist.

Unlike other journalistic sections, it features the name of the writer and sometimes a photograph. This is a session written by an editor in the field, a regular contributor or a renowned writer. The collaboration of a socially recognized columnist gives the newspaper a greater reputation.

There is no single format for expressing opinions in the media

Although the opinion column is associated with the written press, there are also other formats, such as the YouTube video column or a version adapted for radio or television. In recent years, another format has emerged with characteristics very similar to the column, the opinion blog.

General considerations

In this section, there is a value judgment on a given topic, usually on previously known facts of general interest.

The opinion that is defended must have a foundation. In other words, the columnist needs to state precisely what his ideas are and why he defends them.

The choice of theme and title is one of the most important issues. In this sense, the columnist usually adapts to the means of communication with which he writes (in a newspaper related to economics, related topics are addressed and not on any other topic discussed).

It is recommended that the column writer know the editorial line of the medium and that, at the same time, be informed about the profile of its readers.

With limited space, it is advisable for the columnist to be very precise and direct in exposing his opinion.

In order for the column to arouse the interest of readers, it is convenient that the exposed ideas are written in a suggestive way. In some ways, the opinion column is a mini-report that serves to grab the reader from the very first lines.

One of the goals of this section is to provide readers with solid arguments so they can have their own personal opinion.

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