What is Geographic Atlas/meaning/concept

The term atlas has several different meanings, meanings and contexts, so let’s take a journey through its different meanings. Geographic Atlas

The atlas is a selected book of geographic maps. Traditionally it is a reference book by which maps appear in various versions: physical, political , economic, among others.

There are several ways to classify an atlas: depending on the geographic extension or depending on the type of information contained

Although this type of document already existed in antiquity, it was only from the 16th century that the atlas acquired its modern dimension, thus the human being began to have an approximate idea of ​​the different territories of the planet. The first atlas of the modern world was drawn up by Abraham Ortelius (the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum). As a synonym for atlas in its geographical meaning, the word world map was also used. The atlas or traditional world maps have lost their original function , since the information from current satellites allows for an accurate knowledge of the Earth’s geographic reality . Geographic Atlas

From a mythological perspective

Atlas is also a term from Greek mythology. Atlas was a young titan (the titans are deities) who was punished by Zeus, so that he had to support the weight of the Earth on his shoulders. This mythological sense is what geography later served to mention the set of maps. This account has passed through history as the myth of Atlas. His figure is represented in a peculiar way for supporting the weight of the world, but at the same time for being suspended in the air. Geographic Atlas

According to analysts, the Atlas myth is based on the etymology of the word, since atlas in Greek means that which is not defeated. However, there are very different interpretations of this myth. And as myths are suggestive narrations, there is also the idea of ​​the Atlas complex (when a person believes he is primarily responsible for something because he is the one who supports the weight of a family, an organization or any other group).

At the top of the spine and in the neck area is a bone called an atlas. This denomination is also related to mythology, as this bone is what supports the head.

There is a geographic accident in North Africa that affects several countries: the Atlas Mountains. As its length is greater than 2000 km, there are several details when mentioning it: superior, medium, high, Moroccan atlas, among others.

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